Frii E-Cigarette Review (SmokeFrii)

Frii E-Cigarette Review (SmokeFrii)

It’s Time to be Smoke Frii!

Frii E-cigarettes have got to be one of my favorite electronic cigarette companies out there. They have a surplus of flavors, starter kits, accessories, etc… Not only do they have a good bit of accessories, such as the smoke frii e-cigarette case that comes in handy, but they have quality products, as well. I’m going to give you a complete unbiased review on what I think of the company and the products.

Frii E-Cigarette Customer Support & President:

Customer support for Frii electronic cigarettes was very helpful when I called in. Believe it or not, within no time, I was talking with the president of the company, Nick Howard. Let me tell you, Nick is a really cool guy and it didn’t take long before we were talking as if we were old buddies or something. Without a hitch, Nick wanted me to do reviews of the Smoke Frii e-cigarette brand on TheTrendGuys. Needless to say, I felt honored that they would trust me to do a review of their product. A lot of people contact companies about reviewing their products and once they send them out, they never hear from the reviewer again. Therefore, I thank you Nick.

So, customer support was definitely very helpful.

How Does the Frii E-Cigarette Feel On Your Lungs?

One thing that people are really curious about when it comes to electronic cigarettes is how the cigarette feels when you hit it. Some people say that when they hit an electronic cigarette that they can’t even feel the impact on their lungs. Well, you won’t have that problem with the Frii E-cigarette. Believe it or not, I’ve hit the e-cig a little too hard before and ended up coughing as a result. So, you can definitely get a nice “lung hit” off of them.

How Do The Smoke Frii Electronic Cigarette Flavors Taste?

The flavors actually taste very good and have somewhat surprised me. As I type this, I’m trying out the coffee flavor and guess what; it tastes like coffee. I’ll go over the flavors they sent me below. As I go through this list, I am seriously opening each flavor and testing it out. That way, I can give you an honest review of the flavors.

  • Tobacco

In my opinion, it is really hard for any electronic cigarette company to nail the flavor that a legitimate cigarette will offer you. It seems like most companies try to target the taste of the Marlboro brand of cigarette. However, if you smoke any legitimate cigarette, you’re going to be hard pressed to get that same taste and flavor out of an electronic cigarette. However, I am a fan of the Tobacco flavored cartridge that Frii E-Cigarette sent me.

  • Menthol

Menthol is another one that I think gives electronic cigarette companies a hard time. However, the Frii E-Cigarette version of menthol does give you that smooth menthol hit. However, I don’t think it tastes like your typical menthol cigarette. Instead, I think their menthol is more like a Marlboro Smooth.

  • Coffee

I definitely enjoy the coffee flavor that Frii E-cigarette has to offer. It definitely reminds me of a certain flavor, but I just can’t remember what it is at the moment. If I can think of what the coffee flavor reminds me of, I’ll post it.

  • Vanilla

As soon as you screw the vanilla flavor cartridge onto the battery, you’re immediately reminded of a light cigarette. While smoking, it looks just like you’re smoking a light cigarette. The vanilla flavor is really smooth and actually does taste like vanilla. Mmmm… Anyone want a bowl of vanilla ice cream?

  • Strawberry

When I got the package from Frii E-Cigarettes in the mail, I decided to go through all of the flavors then and there. Strawberry was definitely one of my favorite flavors. It tastes really good and sort of reminds you of a children’s strawberry-flavored gummy, but with a little more kick. I definitely dig this flavor.

  • Cherry

The cherry flavor is also a very good flavor. My girlfriend was curious about all the flavors and wanted to try them. Now, let me tell you, my girlfriend hates the smell of smoke, hates the taste, etc… However, since electronic cigarettes are harmless and odorless, she wanted to try the flavors with me. Cherry was her favorite flavor of them all. I think they taste like those cherry candies that you get when you have a soar throat.

Smoke (Vapor) Test

My girlfriend and I decided that when I do these reviews for electronic cigarettes that we should do some sort of a test, which we have dubbed “the smoke test”. Yes, I know that it’s not actually smoke that you’re inhaling while puffing on an electronic cigarette, but this is our little name for it. So, how do we do the smoke test? Basically, the test is based off of the following things:

  • Does it (the vapor) smell when you blow it (exhale) directly in someone’s face?
  • Does the smell linger?
  • Do you see any vapor when exhaling?
  • Does the vapor linger once it’s been exhaled?

Now, you know our little criteria for our “smoke test”. Are you ready for the results?

  • Does it (the vapor) smell when you blow it (exhale) directly in someone’s face?

Yes, it does smell, but it is very faint and it goes away very quickly. Remember, this is when the vapor is exhaled directly into someone’s face. However, you could sit on the couch beside of them or in a car and smoke the Frii e-cigarette and they wouldn’t be able to smell a thing.

  • Does the smell linger?

Not at all. If you didn’t blow it in someone’s face directly they wouldn’t smell it at all.

  • Do you see any vapor when exhaling?

This depends on the person inhaling. If you inhale a bunch and exhale right after, you’re going to be able to see some vapor come out. If you don’t inhale much at all, your chances of seeing vapor on the exhale is much slimmer. Also, if you hold the vapor in after an inhale, you can exhale without any vapor being visible at all. I know some people that do this when they’re in a movie theater, so no one can see the vapor at all.

  • Does the vapor linger once it’s been exhaled?

During the actual process of exhaling you will see the vapor. Pretty much, by the time you’re finished completely exhaling, you won’t see a thing. Yes, I did just test this as I’m typing.

How Long do Cartridges (E-Cigarette Flavors) Last?

Each pack of flavors you get will come with five cartridges per pack.

1 Cartridge = 1 1/2 Pack of Cigarettes (this is according to the SmokeFrii Electronic Cigarette Website)

How Long Does the Disposable Frii E-Cigarette Last?

The disposable electronic cigarette that is offered by Frii E-cigarette will last anywhere from 300-350 puffs (according to the SmokeFrii Electronic Cigarette Website).

How Long Does the Battery Last on a Full Charge?

This is basically going to depend on how much you use the electronic cigarette. Typically, if you’re a regular user of the Frii electronic cigarette, I would say that you may have to switch out batteries twice a day. The red indicator light on the end of the e-cig will begin to blink once the battery goes low. Also, you will start getting weaker hits as the battery begins to die. So, that’s a good indicator that you need to switch out batteries soon.

Is Frii E-Cigarette Carried in Stores?

Unfortunately, I haven’t came across any Frii E-cigarettes in stores yet. I really wish stores would start carrying them and also start promoting electronic cigarettes a little more. Trust me, they’re a whole lot healthier and that’s why I’m so set on doing reviews of electronic cigarette companies.

Frii E-Cigarette Carrying Case: Worth It?

Yes. The Frii e-cigarette case was something that I honestly did not expect to receive from the company, but Nick was extremely generous when he mailed my package. He included a bunch of accessories and it just so happened that the carrying case was one of the things he decided to send. I’m definitely thankful for that.

So, why am I suggesting a carrying case? I would suggest a carrying case, because it really does look cool; first of all. Secondly, the case houses two electronic cigarettes and two flavors. Don’t worry, I’ll take a picture so you can see. Also, if you hit your e-cig and put it in your pocket, you may have got it a little moist on the end. Therefore, the next time you pull out the electronic cigarette, it could have pocket lint on it. The Frii E-cigarette carrying case is a good idea, in my opinion.

USB Charger & Car Charger: Worth It?

I work online. Therefore, the USB charger is nice for me and convenient. If you have a USB charger, you can have your e-cig charging up right beside of you. However, it wouldn’t take much more effort to just get up and take it out of the wall charger. It was nice that Nick included it in the package he sent me, but I probably wouldn’t pay the extra $14.95 for it on the website. Instead, I would quit being lazy and get up from my desk.

As for the Frii e-cigarette car charger, I would definitely say it’s worth the extra money. If you’re on the road no matter what the reason, you don’t want your electronic cigarette dying on you. If your electronic cigarette dies on you while you’re on a lengthy drive, what are you going to do? Therefore, I’d say spring for the car charging kit they have offered on their site.

What Flavors Does Frii E-Cigarette Have to Offer?

I did a review on them above. All the flavors can be seen there. However, if you’re too lazy to scroll up:

  • Tobacco
  • Menthol
  • Coffee
  • Cherry
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

How Hard is it to Assemble?

It’s not very hard at all to get your electronic cigarette assembled. Basically, you have the battery and the flavor cartridge. Just screw the cartridge into the battery and you’re finished.

What About Refills? Do I Have to Mess With Juices?

No, you don’t have to mess with filling anything up with juice — thankfully.

Does Frii E-Cigarette Have A Warranty?

Yes. They basically guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or they will refund your money.

What Do They Look Like?

Well, you could go to the Frii E-Cigarette website by clicking one of the banners or check out some of the pictures I’m going to add to this review. Yes, I did take the pictures myself.  Either way, I’ll give you a brief run down of what they look like:

  • Battery Color

The battery color is white with a Frii logo on them. Also, there are little rings around the length of the battery, just like with a real cigarette.

  • LED Color

The color of the LED is red. When you take a hit, you will see a red light at the end of the electronic cigarette. Also, you will see the LED blink when you begin to charge the e-cigarette or when it begins to die.

  • Color of Cartridges

The color of the cartridges changes depending on the flavor. Of course, menthol is a green color, cherry is red, etc…

How Heavy is Frii E-Cigarette?

Of course, an electronic cigarette is going to be heavier than your average cigarette. If you’re one of those people that like to have a cigarette dangle from your lips while doing something, you may have a little bit of trouble with it slipping out from time to time.

Thanks to SmokeFrii / Frii E-Cigarette

I would just like to give a big shout out to SmokeFrii as a company and Nick from SmokeFrii for allowed TheTrendGuys to do this review of their product. That being said, after writing this monster of a review, I’m taking a break from the PC. However, I do want to say this: If you’re thinking of quitting smoking, stop thinking about it and do it right now. Seriously, it’s time to make a change for the better. Electronic cigarette have been proven to be the most effective way to quit smoking. No matter how you do it, it’s a great time to quit.

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