Frii Electronic Cigarette Broke

Frii Electronic Cigarette Broke

I Need to Edit my Frii Electronic Cigarette Review

I had something unexpected to me happen today and it looks like I am going to have to edit my Frii Electronic Cigarette review. Honestly, I was just sitting here watching a video on YouTube while I was holding the electronic cigarette in my hand. I wasn’t doing anything with it or bending it, etc… I noticed the electronic cigarette felt weird in my hand and I looked down at it. That’s when I noticed that the electronic cigarette had broken.

This Would be Bad News For A lot of People

I’m going to try out some other electronic cigarette brands and I really hope that I don’t encounter the same problem with those. This would be bad news for a lot of people, because what would they do if one of their electronic cigarettes broke on them and they didn’t have a back up handy. Also, if they did have a back up handy, that would mean that they only have one electronic cigarette handy. Therefore, what would they puff on while their e-cig is charging? That’s really a shame, because I truly do enjoy Frii’s life of electronic cigarettes.

Anyways, this is what one of the Frii Electronic Cigarettes looks like right now:

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