Celebrities That Are Dead, But You Probably Didn’t Know It

Celebrities That Are Dead, But You Probably Didn’t Know It

Check Out These Dead Celebrities That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Dead

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Not every celebrity is hugely popular and gets mass media attention when they die. Sometimes, they’re treated like a normal human and their death goes under the radar. While compiling this list I was honestly surprised at some of the celebrities that had died on it and I didn’t even know. So, here are celebrities that have died, but you probably didn’t even know they’re dead.

Michelle Thomas

A.K.A Myra Monkhouse – Family Matters

Everyone knew and loved the Myra Monkhouse character from Family Matters. She was that spunky girl that was always after Steve Urkel, even when he was completely fixated on Laura. Myra Monkhouse never gave up on Steve Urkel and always wanted to be with him and I think all of us were rooting for her.

Myra Monkhouse definitely played a memorable character, in my opinion, but her death isn’t widely known. Unfortunately, Michelle Thomas was diagnosed with a rare form of stomach cancer in August of 1997 and that is what ultimately lead to her death in December of 1998. Michelle Thomas died just 2-3 days before Christmas.

Justin Pierce

A.K.A Roach from Next Friday and Casper from Kids

Unfortunately, I haven’t ever seen the movie Kids, but I do know Justin Pierce from the film Next Friday, where he played the character by the name of “Roach.” Honestly, Roach was probably my favorite character in the movie and you know that you felt bad for him when the thugs ran over his skateboard.

Justin Pierce killed himself by hanging and his body was discovered on July 10th, 2000 by hotel security at the Bellagio Hotel. Yes, his death was confirmed as being a suicide.

Judith Barsi

A.K.A Anne-Marie from All Dogs Go to Heaven and Ducky from The Land Before Time

This is an absolutely tragic death that no one could have seen coming. This 10-year-old girl that created memorable characters we all know and love died at the hands of her own father on Monday, July 25th, 1988. On that night, her father shot her in the head while she was sleeping. Judith’s mother, reacting to the gunshot, ran down the hallway to check on things and that is when she was also shot in the head. Unfortunately, both of them died.

Judith’s father was believed to have stayed in the house for two days after the incident and also talked with Judith’s  agent on the phone. Apparently, Judith Barsi’s father told the agent that he was going to be moving out for good, but he needed some time to “say goodbye to my little girl.” After the phone call, he proceeded to douse the bodies of Judith Barsi and Maria Barsi with gasoline and set them ablaze. After that, he walked into the garage and turned the gun on himself. He shot himself in the head with a .32 caliber pistol and died.

Glenn Quinn

A.K.A Mark from Roseanne

Glenn Quinn is best known for playing Mark from Roseanne. Of course, Mark was one of those memorable characters that you couldn’t help but feel for. At first, he was a rough and tough guy in a leather jacket who was good with his hands and mechanics, but he was also dumb as rocks. Later on, Mark’s character turned into more of a comedic relief and also became a little bit deeper. He went from being a guy that you could potentially hate at first, but he began to grow on you as his problems came to the surface.

I’m a big horror fan and have also spotted Glenn Quinn in a movie by the name of “Campfire Tales” where he plays a guy on a motorcycle exploring the country, but comes across a beautiful girl with a terrible secret. Unfortunately, she’s a ghost and she also had a psychopathic father. I would highly suggest checking it out.

Glenn Quinn’s body was discovered on December 3rd, 2002. The cause of death was an apparent drug overdose which was later confirmed in autopsy reports. Unfortunately, Glenn Quinn overdosed on heroin.

Thuy Trang

A.K.A The Yellow Power Ranger (Trini) from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Every kid probably loved the Power Rangers and I’m sure even if you didn’t you knew about them. Thuy Trang played Trini, which was the yellow Power Ranger. Trini was one of those characters that almost always had a smile on her face. Unfortunately, she didn’t get as much attention placed on her as the others did, but she was still a member of the original cast and that’s something special.

Thuy Trang died on September 3rd, 2001 due to a car accident that she was involved in. She was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control and violently slid into a roadside rock face. The vehicle proceeded to flip multiple times, hit a safety rail and then went over the bank. Thuy Trang was only 27-years-old when she passed away.

Heather O’Rourke

A.K.A Carol Anne from Poltergeist

Heather O’Rourke was best known for playing Carol Anne from the movie Poltergeist. She was the cute little girl that got sucked in the television set. Also, Heather O’Rourke was pretty much the only original cast member that stuck with the series up until Poltergeist III.

As the series went on, you can see physical changes in Heather O’Rourke. If you notice, you will see that by the time Poltergeist III was released, Heather O’Rourke had some extremely puffy cheeks. Most people just thought that she was a cute little girl, but the puffy cheeks were actually caused by medication she had to take. Heather O’Rourke was actually misdiagnosed by Kaiser Permanente Hospital with having Crohn’s disease. The medication she had to take for the illness resulted in her having puffy cheeks.

Unfortunately, Heather O’Rourke died due to cardiac arrest while she was undergoing surgery for a small bowel obstruction. Heather O’Rourke died on February 1st, 1988 and she was only 12-years-old.

Earl Hindman

A.K.A Wilson from Home Improvement

Earl Hindman, despite never showing his face on the television show Home Improvement, still managed to play a memorable character. You may remember him as Wilson, the friendly next door neighbor that always had his face hidden. Usually, his face was hidden behind a fence as he gave sound advice to other characters on the television show.

Earl Hindman passed away shortly after a Home Improvement reunion which he narrated. Earl Hindman was a longtime smoker and died due to lung cancer on December 29th, 2003.

Chris Penn

A.K.A Nice Guy Eddie Cabot from Reservoir Dogs

If you have seen the film Reservoir Dogs then I am sure you know who Chris Penn is. Chris Penn is also Sean Penn’s brother. A lot of people probably don’t know that. Unfortunately, Chris Penn died due to heart disease. Chris Penn had an enlarged heart and was also taking prescription drugs at the time of his death which probably contributed to his death. Sean Penn has been quoted as saying that it was probably his brother’s weight that killed him.

Trevor Goddard

A.K.A Kano from Mortal Kombat

Kano is probably one of those characters that you probably hated a lot in the movie. Trevor Goddard did a great job at playing a real asshole, so in other words, he was a pretty good actor. Unfortunately, Trevor Goddard was found dead in his home on June 7th, 2003. Originally, it was believed that Trevor Goddard had committed suicide, because he was going through a divorce at the time of his death. However, it was later ruled that his death was accidental. Trevor Goddard died by a drug overdose of heroin, cocaine, temazepam and vicodin.


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  1. I actually caught myself saying out loud, ” Man I didn’t know she was dead!” what a shame…..

  2. Great article Steve. I really enjoyed this read.

  3. You forgot a beloved family friend of mine, Michael Roof. Best known for supporting role in XXX: State of the Union as Agent Toby Shavers. He played sane character in first XXX with minimal screen time, a well as a brief moment in Black Hawk Down and a couple other small roles before suicide.

  4. I hate to sound mean, but sometimes I hate the term, “accidental overdose.” I realize it’s an accident if they didn’t intend to kill themselves while taking drugs, but in Trevor Goddard’s case, I’d rather it be called “Overdose due to ignorance or stupidity.”

    If you’re putting heroin, cocaine, temazepam and vicodin in your system all at once, you are either ignorant (don’t realize how incredibly dangerous that is) or stupid (do realize how incredibly dangerous it is and do it anyway) Mixing drugs like that in any amount is like playing Russian roulette.

    • If someone is “self-medicating” to numb their pain we should be more empathic because we don’t know what internal agony they are suffering nor why, so please be careful not to be so judgemental.

  5. Very sad indeed.They were all so talented.

  6. Aww man why roach why did you do this man.

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