Jerry Sandusky Gets His Ass Handed to Him – Sentenced 30 – 60 Years

Jerry Sandusky Gets His Ass Handed to Him – Sentenced 30 – 60 Years

Jerry Sandusky Gets What He Deserves.

Hey, remember that child rapist, Jerry Sandusky? Yeah, he just landed his ass 30 – 60 years in prison. More likely than not, he will die behind bars — where he belongs. Jerry Sandusky is a 68-year-old man and he was actually facing up to 400 years in prison after being convicted of 45 counts of sexual assault that involved anywhere from 10 – 15 young boys.

No Less Than 30 Years for Jerry Sandusky.

Jerry Sandusky will be serving at least a 30-year term in prison. Under Pennsylvania law, Jerry Sandusky will not be eligible for parole until the minimum term is up. Therefore, he’s definitely going to be behind bars for at least 30 years. He’s going to get credit for 112 days served, but it doesn’t matter. Jerry Sandusky’s old ass is probably going to die while behind bars.

Jerry Sandusky Makes a Fashion Statement in His Shackles and Jumpsuit.

Jerry Sandusky waltzed into court with his new clothing, a red jumpsuit and some super fashionable shackles. Also, he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Jerry Sandusky’s wife, Dottie Sandusky and 6 of the victims were present when the sentence was handed down to him.

Jerry Sandusky’s Desperate Attempt:

Jerry Sandusky addressed the court and basically went off about how innocent he is and that it’s all just some big conspiracy against him. Apparently, his statement has been described as being nothing more than a crazy old man spouting off. After that, a mother of one of the victims in the case read a statement to the court and talked about how her son was contemplating suicide after Sandusky sexually assaulted him.

Jerry Sandusky Isn’t Smiling Anymore.

As Jerry Sandusky walked into court he had a smile stretched across his face. After the final verdict, Jerry Sandusky wasn’t smiling all that much anymore and still claims that he is innocent. He says that he is a victim of a mass conspiracy and that he is going to appeal the sentence.

Everyone Wave Bye Bye to Jerry Sandusky!

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Bye, Jerry! :)

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  1. Sandusky’s day in court has come (no pun intended) and gone. He is going to die in prison sometime in the next forty years, and somehow I feel that he got off too easy.

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