I Cancelled My Empower Network Account – Extremely Negative Experience – Not a Bullshit Typical Empower Network Sales Pitch

I Cancelled My Empower Network Account – Extremely Negative Experience – Not a Bullshit Typical Empower Network Sales Pitch

No, This isn’t a Typical Bullshit Empower Network Sales Pitch That’s Made to Look Like a Negative Review

I cancelled my account even  when I still had a paying member signed up underneath me. That’s how horrible my experience with the company was.

I’m going to make this post nice and quick, but I will be doing a ton of coverage about my whole experience with the Empower Network, which was extremely negative, and I’m going to speak up on my thoughts about the company.

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First of all, if you’re an Empower Network member, you can save your shit talk.

As I said, I’m going to be making a good bit of posts about the Empower Network and my personal experience with the company. No, it was not a good experience.

However, I know that Empower Network members will leave comments on my blog posts. Unfortunately, Empower Network members have a bad habit of going around the web, finding legitimate negative reviews about the company and talking shit to the reviewer.

This is their way of showing how “passionate” they are about the company. Instead, they’re just showing how truly brainwashed they have become.

So, why did I have a negative experience with the Empower Network?

I will go into more detail in further posts, so check back in the future, but here’s some quick reasons why I didn’t enjoy being a part of the Empower Network:

  • Empower Network employees harassed members I brought in and I was also harassed. Yes, this seriously happened.
  • One of the owners of Empower Network would post rants on his Facebook and tried way too hard to act like a “bad ass.”
  • Everything is an upsell.
  • Every “training” video is an upsell.
  • Member retention is extremely low.
  • Empower Network is saturated.
  • I have morals.
  • I have ethics.
  • I refused to be brainwashed.
  • Spam / spammers are annoying as hell. I don’t want to be one.
  • After being in Empower Network and finding out more about it, I honestly felt like I would be scamming people if I brought them into the network.
  • Some members I brought in would even cancel their account before their entire month was up.
  • I felt that I was basically promoting a program that passes money around. I felt there was no real product or benefit for people to be a member of Empower Network.
  • The Empower Network as a whole looked like one big lie to me.
  • The videos they put out looked like they featured hired actors / professional liars / professional bullshitters.
  • I received and still do receive constant spam from the company in my email inbox, which will not allow you to unsubscribe. The unsubscribe link is broken.
  • After fees, you’re not making anywhere near that $25 per sale. Instead, after fees + transfer, you will make $18.62 off of each “$25” sale.
  • You are not getting 100% commission on every sale, which is what’s implied. Instead, you’re getting 100% commission on every other sale for your first 6 sign ups you bring in.
  • Empower Network links are banned on very popular websites across the web — including Facebook, Twitter, etc… There’s a reason for this.
  • I felt like I was being taught to spam the living shit out of people.
  • The “training” is outdated and basic knowledge.
  • You can find the “training” they provide you with, plus a whole lot more for free on the Internet. It was nothing special, in my opinion.

These are just some of the reasons I decided to cancel my Empower Network account. As you can see, I had a very negative experience with the company. I’ll go into more detail in further posts.

Before I go, want to know something that’s even more pathetic? I’m sure people in the Empower Network will see this post and say that my negative experience was my own fault and that I must have not made any money, blah blah blah. It’s all typical and happens far too often. I bet an Empower Network member could talk shit right now about this post, but when they come back in a couple months after being in the company, their tune will have changed completely.

I actually did very well in the Empower Network compared to other people, but I have morals and ethics. Hell, there’s people in Empower Network that would probably strangle an infant for a single sale. That’s not me and I refuse to reduce myself to being a slimy salesman that will do literally anything for a sale. I was witness to people that exploited the shit out of their family, friends, etc… It was like they were robots and had no human emotion whatsoever. When you talk to someone in the Empower Network try to pay close attention to how they talk / what they say. It all felt like automated responses to me.

I will do a full review in the future and I will also make a bunch of subtopics that give more details about my negative experience with Empower Network. I decided to give this program a chance and find out for myself what it was like. Let me tell you, it was worse than I could have EVER imagined.

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  1. I’m surprised there aren’t more comments on your post. This whole concept of helping people make money online by teaching others how to sell the idea of helping others make money online is…well an empty value proposition. The success rate must be low and no wonder you had a bad experience.

    I came upon Empower Network looking for information on legitimate training for selling legitimate and valuable products/services online. I see this is nothing more than a place to shuffle money from the masses to a very few that have the ability to market online. The sad thing is these marketers knowingly appeal to the uneducated desire of web surfers looking to alleviate financial pain and knowing full well that failure is most likely the end result for their customers.

    mail order money making opportunity is now online….in the end, this won’t last. Nothing does that doesn’t provide real value. – B.C.

    • Bob, I completely agree with you and I thought the same thing. It’s seriously like the whole “put a dollar in an envelope, mail it to a certain address” chain thing. Yeah, if you’re going to sell something online, you should stick to selling an actual, physical product.

      I truly feel bad for those people that honestly have no marketing / online experience and tried to jump into the Empower Network. They made it seem like anyone, even people that barely know how to check their email, could sign up for the Empower Network and start making money. Yeah, it’s possible, but based on that logic, Dustin Diamond from Saved By the Bell could become a professional MMA fighter in the UFC within the year. It’s POSSIBLE, but not very damn likely.

  2. I signed up for the $25 dollar plan and $19.95 e wallet. I even purchased the 10,000 dollar a month program when it was selling for $250. But have not done a thing since. My fault yes but I just don’t want to sell something I don’t fell 100% about. I will be canceling this month

    • I’m truly sorry to hear that Dave. You blew a decent bit of money on a product and it was basically just a waste. My morals wouldn’t allow me to continue with the Empower Network, either.

  3. Two comments and no one insulting me yet for being completely honest about the Empower Network? That’s seriously amazing.

    • That’s because the Empower Network is a legalized pyramid scheme that doesn’t sell an actual product. “World class training” my ass. TTG gets what, 50K+ views a month? How many Empower Network AUTHORITY blogs get that many outside of the two Davids? None. Save your money. You’d be better off spending that $45 (ya know, since it isn’t actually $25 a month) on a Turtle Beach Headset and making a go at becoming a pro gamer.

  4. Yeah, it’s a joke. I’ll be making quite a few more Empower Network posts in the future. I had a very negative experience and some of the shit I went through was uncalled for. Members being harassed by Empower Network staff? Yeah, that’s a smart way to run a company. /sarcasm.

  5. Hey

    I’ve been researching this. It’s a pyramid system for sure. But did you make any money ? Did you lose any?
    I’m not a supporter or against just wondering if one knows what you getting into “pyarmid” did you make any money ?


    • Hey George,

      Yes, I did make some money with Empower Network, but it was nothing to brag about. Also, member retention was extremely low. After bringing people in, you’ll find that most aren’t willing to stick around longer than a month. Also, after fees, you’re not making anywhere near the $25 they tell you that you’re going to make. After fees, off of a $25 sale, you’re actually going to get $18.62. Not only that, but it’s not JUST $25 to get in and start making money. You will have to spend at least $45 for that to happen.

  6. Steve,

    Thanks for your blog here to help people make an informed dession. If you don’t mind me asking how long did you do this for and how much did you make ? Did you spend an hour or two a full day?
    I’m really tempted to try this even with the negative reviews. Lol why is that .. ?
    I’m college educated hold a job and doing well, but this keeps bouncing around in my head. I think it’s the addiction of the selling the dream bit.

    • Hey George,

      Not a problem at all! When I started doing the Empower Network I made a decision that I was going to give people an honest opinion on the network. I was tired of seeing all of these bullshit “reviews” that was nothing more than a sales pitch. Therefore, I gave it my own try and gathered my own results. As you can see, I didn’t like it.

      George, their marketing is to make you want to do it. They have all these videos about this amazing opportunity and how people that were down on their luck made it big. It’s bullshit and those “average people” are probably nothing more than paid actors. My BEST advice, whether you try it or not, do NOT quit your day job.

      I was in the Empower Network for around 3 months or so? Honestly, I can’t tell you how long I did it per day. TOTAL I made $140.84 and I was able to bring in 7 people. Compared to other people in the Empower Network I did an OUTSTANDING job.. BUT keep these factors in mind.

      Each sale is supposed to be $25, but after fees, you’re only getting $18.62 per sale once you transfer it out of your affiliate account. Also, it costs $45 per month at a minimum.

      Now, let’s say I made $140.84. After affiliate fees, that $140.84 is actually $130.34. Unless I’m missing any other bullshit hidden fees. Now, take the fact that it costs $45/month to be in the Empower Network. Let’s say I was in the Empower Network for 3 months. I didn’t make any profit. In fact, it cost me $4.66.

      Also, on another note, you don’t get paid as soon as someone signs up, either. There’s a holding period AND a holdback period. In other words, you’re not going to see the money you actually do make for a while.

      Either way, I wish you luck, George. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

    • Unless you have a ton of MLM experience under your belt and can sell virtually anything in large quantities, it’s not worth it. Look at the average earnings disclosure. Sure, a few people ARE making big money but they are the people that have been doing MLM for YEARS and YEARS. I wouldn’t expect the same results. And as far as an hour or two a day, that might be actual marketing time but you’ll spend FAR more than that talking to people. After you bring in your initial circle (friends, family, etc), it’s going to be hard for you to find people that haven’t already heard about the Empower Network and if you do, good luck explaining to them what they are buying :)

  7. Thanks for the digits and break down. By the way anyone reading this Steve does have other topics
    That are worth reading about. After seeing this blog I’m interested to start a blog Steve. Not for profit just to talk about stuff. I’m mostly on my iPhone 4S so what’s
    The best way to start blogging if I’m always on my mobile ? Off topic yes…


    • Thanks for the compliments, George. You should come over to the forums (http://www.thetrendguys.com/board/) sometime and talk with us more in-depth! I’d love to see you over there.

      As for the iPhone 4S, there’s a WordPress app that you can download for it. I personally have this app on my iPhone, iPad and my Galaxy Note 2. It’s how I blog when I’m on a handheld. :)

  8. EN is a scam, cult that has brainwashed my friend. She tried to convince me to join, even inviting me to some crazy “conference call” with thousands of others on the line. Convinced that making money should not be “difficult, she chastised me for telling her that I was too busy with work to consider it. The cult has taken my friend., and it’s cleared her of reasoning because she’s even posting videos of her promoting EN like it was saving us from the end of the world. Sad but true story. I’m too sober to stay in contact because it annoys the hell out of me to hear all the jargon 24/7 on her newly acquired drug.

  9. The conference calls are total bullshit, just so you know. It’s basically a way for people to establish themselves as a “leader.” That way, when they try to upsell you, you’re more likely to listen, because they’re an “expert” in the field. You will definitely push your friends away when you’re in the Empower Network, because you’re told to promote it to your “warm market,” which is going to give you the highest chances of convincing someone to sign up. She’ll be contacting you in a max of three months and apologizing, because she’ll have lost money and realize her mistake.

  10. Joined yesterday, cancelled today. All that upsell shit, what a fucking headache. Not for me.

  11. I’ve come across several people on YouTube who are by no means “big shots” making good money in EN. Are they paid actors?

    • Probably. If not, they’re completely bullshitting. Notice how no one knows someone personally that’s making enough money to live off of from the Empower Network…. No one.

  12. This article is bullshit

    • As is your “success” with the Empower Network. Shouldn’t you be busy scamming people right now? Come on, quit stealing people’s hard earned money. The program is trash and you know it.

  13. I’m not one for cursing or name calling but as a christian and as Stevens sister I can honestly say he’s not BSing you… You’re BSing yourself…

  14. EN took over a family member, and has brainwashed the hell out of him. It really is mindblowing how the starters can take advantage of weak minded people. In my opinion, if your dumb enough to join this scam and listen to these fools then you are an idiot. Spamming the hell out of your friends/family trying to sell them this crap, do you really think that’s righ? When someone who cares about you tries to sit you down and explain how these idiots have brainwashed you and you sit there and get defensive and say automated responses they taught you, but yet you tell me your not brainwashed. These guys are good, good at destroying loved ones who are weak minded. Don’t join this bulls. There is a reason it’s banned from Facebook and Twitter, CAUSE they already spammed the crap out of that. Don’t let these fools brainwash you, it’s a scam.

    • You’re 100% correct, Brad. I’m sorry to hear about your family member. You know, I tried EN just as a review kind of thing. Just to let people know if it really worked and what my thoughts were on it, because EN was truly a trend there for a long time in Internet Marketing. All-in-all, EN is nothing more than one of the biggest scams I’ve ever seen on the Internet. I hate to even think about how much money the owners have made off of their bullshit that they’ve shovel-fed to people. Watch some of their videos and it’s truly comedic. These people are legitimately psychotic.

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