Shae Bradley from MTV’s Buckwild Not Happy About Cancellation and Also Argues with Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Shae Bradley from MTV’s Buckwild Not Happy About Cancellation and Also Argues with Jenelle Evans on Twitter

Shae Bradley from Buckwild is Pissed

Shae Bradley says that she’s not happy about MTV decided to continue with Teen Mom 2, while Buckwild has been cancelled by the network. She was curious as to why MTV would cancel the program she’s a part of, while keeping a show on the air that features controversial content, as well. Of course, she was referring to Teen Mom 2.

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Jenelle Evans Started Her Typical Bullshit Drama, As Usual.

Jenelle Evan, star of Teen Mom 2, saw the comments left by Shae Bradley on Twitter and that’s when the drama started.

Jenelle Evans decided to tear into the whole cast of Buckwild, saying that they’ve been busted for trafficking drugs, fighting, getting arrested, etc… That’s quite ironic seeing as how Jenelle Evans is seemingly being arrested in every episode of Teen Mom 2.

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Either way, Shae Bradley decided to post up a collage of Jenelle Evans mug shots on Twitter. Trust me, if you go to Google and do an image search for “Jenelle Evans mug shots,” you’re going to get a lot of results.

Shae also went on to tell people that MTV seems to think that keeping “horrible mothers” on the air is fine and dandy, but Buckwild is too crazy to television.

Shae Bradley Called Jenelle Evans Out

Shae decided to target Jenelle personally and had this to say:

You must feel guilty. I didn’t say any names. And hey look at your NINE mug shots. – Shae Bradley

Either way, Buckwild has been cancelled.

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Teen Mom 2 has a new episode airing on Monday.

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  1. Hey Shaw, I enjoyed watching ‘buckwild ‘,as stereotypical as it is. It’s a good show. I’m of course saddened by Shaun Gandee’s passing. My condolences to his family and castmates. Just fyi, this ‘teen mom ‘girl is still a kid. She’s not an idiot, she just acts like one. SHE’S A DANG KID, LOL, don’t mind that crap. How’s nursing school by the way? I work for the Methodist healthcare system in San Antonio, Texas. Hope ‘buckwild ‘goes back on the air. Like a friend of Shaun said, Shaun would have wanted the show to go on. Just saying.

  2. Dang smartphones. I meant Shae. And I meant Shain Gandee, lol. Sorry.

  3. I know how that is. My phone is responsible for way too many typos.

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