West Virginia Teen, Jared Marcum, Speaks Out About Being Suspended Over Wearing an NRA T-Shirt

West Virginia Teen, Jared Marcum, Speaks Out About Being Suspended Over Wearing an NRA T-Shirt

Jared Marcum Suspended from a Logan County School for Wearing an NRA T-Shirt and Refusing to Remove It

Jared Marcum wore an NRA t-shirt to his Logan county school, and a teacher didn’t appreciate the apparel. The teacher asked Marcum to remove the shirt, but Marcum refused. Unfortunately, it was the start of a long day for Jared Marcum.

Marcum was removed from school for refusing to remove the shirt. In earlier reports, it was rumored that Marcum had actually been arrested for removing the shirt.

Needless to say, people have been asking a ton of questions:

Was he really arrested?

What was his reaction?

How did the teacher approach him?

I decided to reach out to Jared Marcum and get to the bottom of exactly what happened that day in his Logan county school.

Jared Marcum Q & A.

What happened when the teacher asked you to remove your shirt? What was your reaction?

When the teacher asked me to remove my shirt, I respectfully refused. I told him the shirt didn’t violate the school Dress Code in any way, and that I had every right to be wearing it. He then started yelling in an aggressive manner, and caused a huge disruption in the cafeteria. He violated my personal space and made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

So, were you actually arrested?

Yes, I was put in hand cuffs, but I was never taken to jail. Only the City Hall and Sheriffs Department

I was charged with two criminal acts.

What were you charged with?

Of “Disrupting Educational Process” While we were at lunch, and if anyone disrupted it, it was the educator that raised his voice in an aggressive tone. The second charge was Obstruction, when all I was doing was exercising my right to freedom of speech.

Do you remember what the teacher was saying to you? Did he get in your face? Point his finger at you? What did your class mates have to say?

He said he didn’t care, and that I had to remove it or turn it inside out, all while yelling. He did get in my face. He bumped me with his chest. I don’t recall him pointing a finger at me. After I starting walking to the office, my classmates starting cheering and clapping. The principal later said that I had almost incited a riot within the school, when I had nothing to do with that. The students acted out on their own free will.

Did the principal talk with the teacher? What did the teacher have to say in his own defense?

The principal said nothing to the educator at that point in time, but I’m sure she did afterwards. As far as his defense goes, I haven’t heard anything.

Do you have any questions for Jared Marcum? Do you know him?

If you have any questions for Jared Marcum, you can contact me. I’ll talk with him and see if he’ll answer your questions.

If you know Jared Marcum or even go to school with him, I would love to get your insight / opinion on the situation.

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  1. Michael DeAmicis

    Sincethe teacher and the principle wereobviously wrong,andviloatedcivilrights and the basic piadf orservice of education, will there be charges filed against them individualy or any civil suit? This isa hugeoportunity to send a nationwide message to educators and administators that they are accountable. But first we mus tactualy hold them accountable.

  2. jajajajajaz you lose buddy. reminds me of a good sucker from kahn’s place. good story!!!!!!

  3. we have a global issue with authority/respect. Go to work and try saying ‘no’ to your boss,(enjoy that 1) an article locally here-student CANNOT wear alcohol related t-shirt(agrred, they are underage). school administrators/law enforcment/parents, have lost the upper hand to children thinking we cant kick their asses any more. the day i get charged or fined for my kids public performances is the day they get bent over and spanked,(stop me then!) until they are 18 then idgaf.

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