5 Summer Date Ideas

5 Summer Date Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to go out on dates.

However, it can be hard to think of things that you and your lady friend could do together. Often times, people find themselves sitting around, wanting to go out on a date with their significant other, but they’re all out of ideas.

Well, the summer is the perfect time to enjoy the nice, outdoor weather! So, take advantage of it with your girlfriend.

Below, I’ll give you 5 summer date ideas.

Go on a picnic

Picnics may sound like you’re trying too hard and come off as overly romantic, it’s not. Yes, it’s very romantic, but it’s not too romantic. Surprise your girlfriend/wife by taking her on a picnic and she will love every second of it.

Picnics will give you time with the person you care about without a bunch of distractions. It’s going to be just you and her. If she busts out the cellphone during a picnic, you may want to look elsewhere.

Also, you need to plan ahead. If you’re not careful, you won’t be the only one munching down at a picnic. Bugs will snack on both you and your girlfriend. Therefore, make sure you bring a picnic blanket, bug spray and even some citronella candles.

Hit the beach!

The beach is always a great choice for a nice date. However, you don’t want to be on the beach laying out in the sun with absolutely no conversation. Instead, you want to make it a little more entertaining than just catching some rays.

Whenever you head out to the beach, you should take a cooler of food and drinks with you. That way, you can both enjoy some snacks and stay hydrated, because the sun is going to really take it out of you.

Of course, you may want to take a few things with you for entertainment purposes, as well.

My girlfriend and I have a nice double raft that’s basically two donuts connected together with a cooler built into the middle of it. We go out into the water and float around while snacking.

Also, you could take a kite with you, frisbee, etc… Use your imagination and have some fun in the sun.

ATV riding

If you have an ATV, you could go for a ride and do a little bit of exploration with your girlfriend. I live in West Virginia, so almost everyone has an ATV. If you don’t have one, you probably know someone well enough to let you borrow theirs. Just fill it up with gas before and after you’re done, so you’re not a total mooch.

Pack up some food and drinks then go out and make a day of it. You could even combine this idea with the picnic idea mentioned above. Of course, bring an extra pair of clothes in your vehicle, so when you return, you can change back into them. Chances are, you’re either going to have some fun in the mud or some water, so you’ll need them.

Go out on a boat / Jet Skis

This is another good one if you happen to live near some water. Here in West Virginia, we have a ton of rivers and lakes to choose from. Chances are, you could head out to a lake, river or you’re maybe even lucky enough to be able to hit up the ocean. Either way, going out on a boat or some Jet Skis is always fun.

If you don’t have a boat or Jet Skis, you probably know someone that does. These people are always looking for someone to go out on the boat with them, so you could take them up on the offer. If not, I’m sure you could rent one, but it’s going to be fairly expensive if you’re renting a big boat or some jet skis.

If you don’t have the funds, you may be able to scrape up enough change to take your girlfriend out on a paddle boat, which is a romantic choice. Sure, it’s not going to be action-packed, but you’ll have fun either way.

Go for a hike

Once again, I live in West Virginia. In other words, this area is a hiker’s dream. It’s a great (and free) way to go out with your girlfriend and do a bit of sight-seeing in the wilderness. If you want, you could even pick some wild berries.

Of course, you will want to bring plenty of water with you, some snacks and plenty of bug spray. You could even incorporate a picnic into your hiking adventure.

Do you have any summer dating ideas?

If so, leave some of your ideas below! I’m interested to hear what you have to say. You can never have enough summer dating ideas.

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