Empower Network Employees Harassed Myself AND People I Brought In

Empower Network Employees Harassed Myself AND People I Brought In

Empower Network employees are as shitty as they come.

Out of my first three members, two of them were victims of harassment, courtesy of Empower Network employees. I was also harassed by Empower Network employees.

Big time WTF.

Knowing what I know now about the Empower Network, I’m not surprised at all that this happened. However, it was definitely a shock when I was a new member and I’m promoting Empower Network and the employees of Empower Network were harassing members that I brought in.

Could you imagine bringing members into a COMMISSION-BASED program and the employees of that program talked shit and threatened to ban the people you bring in? 

That seriously screws with your potential income with a company. Hell, you would think that Empower Network would value every person they can sucker into the program, but I guess they don’t. What would you expect from a company with no sign of business ethics?

Why were members being harassed by Empower Network employees?

I was a member of the biggest team in the Empower Network . One of the leaders of this team was also an Empower Network employee. This guy harassed myself and two members that I brought into the network.

Just to make things easier on you,  and because I don’t want any lawsuits, we will refer to the team and Empower Network employee as the following:

Team: Team Take Big Action

Employee: Arther “The Windstorm” Tubmen

Victim #1 – Kevin

The first person to be harassed was a member I brought in by the name of Kevin. Kevin was harassed over a Facebook comment he made on a post in the team’s Facebook.

Side-note: From my experience, all “Empower Network Team” Facebook pages are a COMPLETE waste of time. You’re not going to learn anything of any value. Instead, every single post is practically a huge upsell. The biggest advice you’ll get is usually “Get All-In!” Yeah, it’s total bullshit.


Kevin made a comment on a post regarding the 15K Formula “training” that Empower Network has to offer. One of the leaders of this group took the time out to look at Kevin’s membership and saw that Kevin didn’t actually own the 15k Formula. Basically, Kevin said that he knows about the training in the 15k Formula and gave his opinion on it.

Seeing as how this could fuck with the employees attempts at upsell, he decided not to allow Kevin to have an opinion. Now, I spoke with Kevin, and it’s true that he did not own the 15k Formula. However, he did say that he knew what the training consisted of. Hell, maybe his friend bought the 15k Formula and let Kevin take a peek? Who knows; but Kevin didn’t deserve the harassment he was about to receive.

Keep in mind that Kevin had only been in the program for a few days at most. He certainly hadn’t been a member for as long as a week yet. Well, that’s when Arther “The Windstorm” Tubmen decided to harass Kevin.

Kevin’s comments were deleted after Arther commented on the post and called Kevin a liar in front of everyone.. He was also messaged personally by Arther “The Windstorm” Tubmen. In the messages, Arther continued to call Kevin a liar. He also told Kevin that he was an Empower Network employee and that he has access to view everyone’s membership status. He then told Kevin that he’s lucky that his account didn’t get deleted.

Kevin and I talked about this. Despite Arther talking shit to Kevin, he decided to continue with his membership. Kevin never made a sell and eventually cancelled his membership. In the end, a member was harassed by an Empower Network employee, put up with the bs, stuck around, and didn’t make a sell. What a shame…

Victim #2 – Faron

Faron has been a long time friend of mine. He was in the Empower Network and cancelled his account months before I decided to give it a shot. When I got into the Empower Network, Faron decided he wanted to get back into the Empower Network and give it another shot. He figured that at least this time around he would have a friend to promote it with.

  • We could share tips
  • Work together
  • Use power of association
  • etc…

Sounds good, right? Not really. He cancelled his account before his full month was even up. He lasted two weeks at a max, because he was a victim of harassment.

Originally, Faron was in the down line of this Arther Tubmen guy. He felt like Arther Tubmen was nothing more than a scam artist that didn’t really help him, so when he opened his new account, he wanted to be under me, because I actually help people and talk to them like they’re human beings.

Well, since Faron started under me, Arther Tubmen got pissed off and decided to harass Faron. He threatened to delete his account, talked down to him via messenger, etc… Yeah, it was quite pathetic.

The Empower Network certainly doesn’t sound like a professional company to me.

Victim #3 – Myself

I had to deal with this Arther Tubmen dude a whole lot. He would message me all the time talking shit. One time he even had the nerve to basically tell me that if I was friends with a certain person that my account would be terminated. This happened multiple times.

Yeah, Empower Network employees are as low as you can get.

I would NEVER suggest the Empower Network to any of my friends/family… ever.

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