The Conjuring Review

The Conjuring Review

Are you in the mood for an awesome ghost story?

How could a haunted house story still be considered scary and better yet, how could a haunted house story attract people to the theater? Well, believe it or not, The Conjuring was scary and raked in a ton of money during its run in theaters. This is fairly unusual, because the horror film was released during the summer months, which is a very unpopular time for horror flicks. Instead, most production companies will try to get their film in theaters around Halloween. Obviously, more people are in a mood to watch a scary movie around that time.

James Wan is the director of The Conjuring and he has some very popular films under his belt. For instance, he was the director of the popular SAW franchise and Insidious, which is yet another haunted house flick. Either way, this movie is not your typical James Wan flick that features a ton of torture and blood splatter at an amazingly fact pace. Instead, this is a slow burner and James Wan proves that he can definitely build suspense.

The Conjuring is a paranormal film that’s actually based on true events. The film follows the lives of Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren, which are the most famous paranormal investigators of all time. These investigators are called in by the Perron family after they purchased an extravagant house in Rhode Island for a price that no one would complain about. Before you know it, the couple and their five daughters begin to hear noises in the house, all the clocks in the house stop at a certain time in the morning, the dog refuses to actually enter the home and birds start flying into the house, breaking their own necks.

In other words, it doesn’t take long before the Perron family realizes that there’s something wrong with their newly acquired dream home. So, they call in Ed and Lorraine Warren to come in and take a look at their home. Speaking of Ed and Lorraine Warren, the couple is most famous for investigating the Amityville house. Yes, there actually is a real Amityville house that was said to be truly haunted and a real life tragedy took place in the home. It’s not all just a bunch of fictionalized movies, books, etc… The movie follows both the Warren couple and the Perron family, so you get both viewpoints through-out the flick.

This film works on so many levels. Of course, it follows the basic set-up and storyline of any other haunted house movie, but James Wan did wonders with the formula. You have all the same emotions you would expect a haunted house film to evoke, such as claustrophobia, terror and panic, but there’s also a documentary feel to the film, as well, which adds to the realism aspect. Great acting also helps add to the realism of the film. Let us not forget that Vera Farmiga was an Oscar nominated actress for her role in “Up In The Air.”

Was the Conjuring an excellent movie? Yes, in my opinion this movie was a great paranormal horror film. The story is great, the pacing is great, suspense is excellent and it’s very scary. Just when you think everything is okay, James Wan does a great job at making you jump out of your seat. Seriously, this guy needs to direct more movies like this one, because you didn’t have a single second to relax in your theater seat. You never knew what was going to happen or when it was going to happen.

In short, is The Conjuring a revolutionary horror film that will have a lasting effect on the genre? No, it won’t. Also, don’t see this film if you’re expecting non-stop action with tons of blood thrown into the mix, because you’re not going to get it. However, The Conjuring does deliver a truly terrifying experience. This movie will ruin at least one good night’s sleep for you.

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  1. Looks hubby would love it!!

  2. This looks like a good movie, my SO will likely be all over this one. I will let him know about this one.

  3. Perfect for my husband, who can’t get enough of horror! Not for me though!!

  4. I will have to hide this positive review from my husband! He has seriously been BEGGING me to see this movie with him, but I’m terrified of this genre. 😛

    But regardless, this was a great review and I’m glad you enjoyed it. :)

  5. I love horror movies…but this one looks too scary for my taste! lol I am still curious, though. :)

  6. Don’t know that I will watch this but just maybe…if I get brave!!

  7. Oh awesome! My hubby and I are always on the lookout for a good horror flick.. but lately we’ve been really disappointed with the selection! More than stoked that you shared your review! Adding it to my “must watch” list!

  8. I love horror movies! I’ve been wondering if it was worth trying. So many have been a huge disappointment lately.

  9. This movie definitely sounds like something I would like. I am going to have to check it out.

  10. I don’t do scary movies of any type. It’s so bad in fact that Jaws caused more than one sleepless night. My hubby on the other hand would probably love it.

  11. My children have watched this and are all praise for it.

  12. I am dying to watch this movie.

  13. I’m so out of the loop, I hadn’t even heard of this movie. But I’m totally a baby when it comes to horror movies anyways.

  14. This movie sounds great! I love scary movies that don’t have a ton of gore and scare the pants off you. :)

  15. Okay, I couldn’t read all of it bc it sounded awesome and I don’t want to spoil the rest of the movie for myself. Watching asap!

  16. I am such a scaredy cat when it comes to horror movies! Even the trailer gave me the heebie jeebies!

  17. i want to see this movie so bad! I will wait for DVD to be released and watch during daylight hours.

  18. I can’t bring myself to watch this but my kid and hubby saw it. They are still referencing it all the time.

  19. The Conjuring was without a doubt one of the scariest movies I have ever watched. That witch looked very creepy and the hide and clap game has been in my head ever since watching it. Scary stuff!

  20. great review but Im not a horror movie fan

  21. I actually got to watch an interview with the lady who this film was based on. I live one street over from RI so this story is based around a home that is a little too close for comfort. I would however like to watch it!

  22. This isn’t my kind of movie, it would have me waking up from nightmares for weeks afterward!

  23. I don’t like these kinds of movies much, but my husband likes them.

  24. I am more of comedy,romantic,action movie kind of person.these scary movies are not my cup of tea.

  25. If you don’t like scary movies because you don’t like to be scared, you’ll hate this movie lol. It’s very creepy.

  26. I have a lot of friends who have seen this, and they absolutely loved it! I, personally, choose to not watch scary movies…yes, I am a wimp! But, I do know that my man, and even my now adult children have enjoyed movies like this. And they still talk about the times that we all sat in our living room watching a rented scary movie, and I had to beg them to just turn it off, lol!

  27. Do we know if this is going to be on Netflix? It sounds right up my alley – I just love scary, creepy movies. Just saw several over the holiday weekend (mostly on Netflix + our cable company’s on demand option) – so in the mood for more!

  28. This movie is what I want. Loved watching paranormal or anything that are scary.

  29. If it is based on real facts, I would like it for sure. I just have a problem with movies that are so out there that you just can’t believe them. I do like a scary movie, but it HAS to be good.

  30. I’m looking forward to seeing this I have to say :) It looks like a great film :) x

  31. Thanks for sharing your take on the movie…I am not and have never been a big fan of scary movies but have watched some in my lifetime.

    Please let me know how I can be the best resource for you!

  32. I think my teens would love this. I have no appetite for scary movies anymore! Give me the romantic comedies. :-)

  33. I am not a fan of horror movies. I know they are movies and so not real, but they are just not for me. I am sure this one will make lots of money and scare people pantsless.

  34. Paranormal horror movies are the most terrifying to me because on the off chance the events could really happen, there’s nothing you could do to protect yourself and I hate thinking about that! I think I am probably too much of a chicken to watch this, but it sounds like a great film for those who enjoy the thrill of being scared.

  35. Oh MY I am not a SCARY MOVIE kids are but the older I get I just get so paranoid, and have to think Happy Thoughts… I think it was b/c my mom used to watch them when I was a kid, we had neighbors and they were older kids and I was trying to be older too but watching scary movies as a KID has def. scarred me LOL I tried to watch the ring when it came out yeah NO…great blog!

  36. I will have to keep my eye out for it. Hopefully it comes out on redbox or netfilx!

  37. Super excited to see this movie!! Thanks for the review.

  38. I think the part that this really happened is more frightening! We haven’t seen it yet but it is on our list. I love Vera Farmiga too. Great review!

  39. I’m not big on horror, but my hubby would love it!

  40. This movie looks so darn scary that I am not sure I could watch more than the trailer without peeing my pants. Just kidding about that last part. Maybe.

  41. I’m a light-hearted person lol but the review is very good.Looking forward to see this :)

  42. Very good review….maybe too good!
    I’m not much into horror films, so I’m gonna pass. I’d rather read about it….lol

  43. Hahahaha, I almost jumped out of my seat when you typed ‘jump out of your seat,’ so not kidding. I’m a huge chicken. Bet my hubbby ad older (grown) boys would like it!

  44. Oh my, just the photos have me freaked out. Definitely not a scary movie kind of girl, but I have plenty of friends who will love it, I’m sure.

  45. This is right up my boyfriend’s alley. I’ll have to tell him about it. Thank you!

  46. I really wanted to see this movie but everytime I wanted to go something came up. Can’t wait to get it on Netflix.

  47. I’m so not a horror person, sure looks scary.

  48. We use to watch horror movies but now we try to stick to action films. Its good to hear that they don’t have the film full of blood and that they have a real story line.

  49. I had not heard of this movie before your review. You certainly made it sound interesting and worth watching. I like horror movies every so often and the fact that this one is not nonstop blood and gore is a plus.

  50. I love horror movies and want to see this but am too scared to!! LOL

  51. I have to admit I love a good thriller but this one is a little to scary for me! I get freaked out every time I see the commercial LOL

  52. I’m not too big into scary movies – but hubby is – maybe he’d love this! I’ll have to show him!

  53. Not so sure I could do this, but I have many friends who would love this. Will let them know about this post.

  54. My husband and brother would love it, me not so much.

  55. I’m a scaredy cat! Not sure I could make it watching this movie!

  56. I am not a horror person, but my daughter and her fiance are. I will recommend it to them.

  57. I couldn’t read this. I’m a scary cat and the previews for this freaked me out.

  58. It’s been years since I’ve seen a scary movie. I think I am about due, and this one sounds perfect! Thanks for the review!

  59. I love horror movies and I think this one would be right up my alley. Thanks for the great review.

  60. This looks like my kind of movie!! I love thrillers and scary movies. I’m going to check redbox and see if they have this one.

  61. It is scary but this is something that I would surely want to watch.

  62. I hate horror films.. but my daughters love them and so does my husband.. My oldest already told me she wants to see this one.. It will have to be when I am not home.. its bad enough for me when the story is a fake horror film but when its based on real life.. No Thank You lol… But I will let you know what she thinks once she sees this one since she has seen them all…

  63. My hubby would like this. I think he needs to start a group for scary movie buffs.

  64. My husband would definitely enjoy this movie! I love some scary movies, but mainly Friday the 13th series, Halloween, etc.

  65. What a great review.. too scary for me, but hubby and my oldest would LOVE it.. will have to share with them…

  66. My sister would love this! She’s into scary reads and movies!

  67. I will have to pass this along to my husband. He loves scary movies. I am just not a fan.

  68. I can’t watch scary films because I freak out too much during them. My sister tried getting me to go see this film with her but I abso passed it up.

  69. Looks very good! Gonna check it out!

  70. I cannot watch these kinds of movies – thats how come they are still scary. They scare the crap outta me! However, I can read the books – every single word! But I’m not going to see anything conjuring up a dang on thing!

  71. I’ll be watching this tonight finally per your recommendation. Hope I like it!

    Thanks from

  72. Honestly horror movies are all I want to ever watch! I love the thrill of not knowing what’s gonna happen or the omg, omg, omg feeling while watching some of them. I cannot wait for this to come out on redbox. I will have it reserved in a heartbeat! I do not like movies like Saw or Texas chainsaw I prefer the hauntings, ghosts, and demons type of horror. Even movies like Van Helsing! Loved that! Thanks for sharing this I didnt see all the previews they showed in this official trailer.

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