Rose McGowan is Salty About “Charmed” Reboot

Rose McGowan is Salty About “Charmed” Reboot

Rose McGowan isn’t happy about a Charmed reboot.

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Rose McGowan is saying that she never watched a single episode of Charmed, which was a popular show she was part of for years. She is also saying that she wants absolutely nothing to do with the Charmed reboot.

Charmed was on air from 1998-2006, which is a pretty long span for any television show. In other words, it was a fairly popular show.

It comes as no surprise that there is going to be a Charmed reboot, because Witches are trending right now, thanks to American Horror Story: Coven.

Rose McGowan isn’t the only cast member of Charmed that is pissed off about a reboot. Alyssa Milano has spoke up about the Charmed reboot, saying that it’s too soon for the show to be made.

Welcome to Hollywood, Alyssa. 

Hollywood is obsessed with remakes, because they’re safe bets.

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