10 UFC Fighters That Were Disappointments

10 UFC Fighters That Were Disappointments

These UFC fighters didn’t impress us.

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There are a lot of excellent fighters in the UFC, but for every great fighter, there’s a horrible one. It’s especially disappointing when a fighter has been hyped up majorly, but fails to live up to that hype.

Below, you’ll find a list of some fights that have made it to the UFC, but they were disappointing.

Before we get started, I’d like to say that this post was written with the aid of a friend.

Basically, he and I have different opinions on who was a disappointment and he wanted to add some fighters to the list, as well. Therefore, I allowed him to list which fighters he thought were disappointments, as well as his opinion about those particular fighters.

To avoid confusion, I’ll outline who wrote each section. :)

Brock Lesnar (Steven)

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I wasn’t falling for all the hype when it was announced that Brock Lesnar was coming to the UFC. I mean, how well could someone from the WWE do when it comes to real, physical combat? Either way, a lot of people did buy into the Brock Lesnar hype and Dana White definitely benefited from it. Brock Lesnar was able to sell a ton of tickets.

Brock Lesnar lost his very first match in the UFC against Frank Mir. At this point, if you lose to Frank Mir, there’s something horribly wrong. Admittedly, Frank Mir did get lucky, in my opinion, and there was a rematch. Brock Lesnar smashed Frank Mir and then went on a win streak, but it wasn’t hard to see that Brock Lesnar definitely had some vulnerabilities. Most notably, Brock would run like a big vagina when he was getting tagged.

Before you knew it, Brock Lesnar was literaly doing cartwheels, spin moves and flips while running away from opponents. This wasn’t good for his UFC career, but he would definitely make an excellent ballerina.

Alistair Overeem (Steven)

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What a huge disappointment Overeem was. This dude has a huge and intimidating physique and was smashing people before he came to the UFC. As a matter of fact, his first win was against Brock Lesnar. He literally beat Lesnar down to the fetal position after delivering a  kick to the stomach…

Anyways, Overeem has such an intimidating physique, because he’s on steroids and has been busted for them. He also got cocky against Big Foot Silva and ended up getting knocked out. He got destroyed by Travis Brown. Right now, Overeem is 1-2 in the UFC and has lost to people that you would never think would have beat him.

Kimbo Slice (Steven)

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Simply put, Kimbo Slice is more suited for boxing rather than the UFC. Also, there’s a big difference from fighting bums in your backyard and fighting professionally trained athletes inside the octagon. When Kimbo signed up for The Ultimate Fighter I think we all knew what was going to happen. Kimbo lost his first fight on The Ultimate Fighter to Roy Nelson. He was even given a second chance, but still ended up being cut.

Mirko Cro Cop (Steven)

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Mirko Cro Cop was a force to be reckoned with in PRIDE, but he wasn’t able to continue his reign of dominance when he made it to the UFC. The head kicks he was known for was no longer an an effective weapon in his arsenal and everyone in the UFC knew to watch for them. Also, he ended up getting knocked out by Frank Mir, if that tells you anything. I do believe that things would have went differently for Cro Cop if he would have went to the UFC sooner than what he did.

Wanderlei Silva (Steven)

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I would have loved to have seen Wanderlei come to the UFC during his prime, but it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, the Axe Murderer made the transition far too late in his career and hasn’t been able to do anything significant since his days in PRIDE. I still think he’s capable of putting on some exciting shows, as he’s known for being an explosive fighter, but he’s basically in the same boat as Mirko Cro Cop.

Roger Gracie (Steven & Guest)

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This is another guy that was big for his division and after just one fight in the UFC, he was cut. He gassed out, he looked sluggish, and he really didn’t look like he belonged in the UFC (or any other fight organization at that). This is what happens when you only rely on BJJ and you try to fight in a division that requires too much of a weight cut for you.

Hector Lombard (Guest)

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This is a fighter that many people thought was going to come in and dominate the 185lb division and be the first guy to take out Anderson Silva in the UFC. Unfortunately, he lost his debut fight but has came back and slightly lived up to expectations as of late. While he is a huge fighter (and explosive) for that division, I definitely don’t see this guy holding any belts in any division any time soon. Sorry, but it sucks to be Hector.

Jake Shields (Guest)

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Here’s another Strikeforce guy that everyone thought was going to come in and do work. People also actually thought this guy was going to beat GSP. It didn’t happen, never will, and this guy will be one of those fighters that simply just hangs out in the Top 10.

Daniel Cormier (Guest)

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Sure, he’s undefeated and has knocked off both Frank Mir and Roy Nelson since his debut in the UFC but he beat both by a boring decision. He had some impressive finishes in Strikeforce but this is the UFC where the big boys play. In a world where Frank Mir is a stepping stone now, if you can’t finish him, you certainly won’t be beating Jon Jones.

Conor McGregor (Guest)

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I know, this guy has been on a tear and is one exciting fighter to watch but the fact that he’s been talking like he’s the greatest in the world makes this guy a huge disappointment. He hasn’t beat anyone worth mentioning and while he has been impressive over the guys he’s fought, I definitely don’t think he’ll hang with UFC vet Diego Sanchez.’

Which UFC fighters would be on your disappointing list?

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