How To Upload Playstation 4 Videos to YouTube in 5 Easy Steps

How To Upload Playstation 4 Videos to YouTube in 5 Easy Steps

Find out how to download Playstation 4 videos to your computer and upload them to the Playstation 4.

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If you want to know how to upload your Playstation 4 videos to YouTube, you can feel free to watch the video below:

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Read: Playstation 4 won’t require you to have Playstation Plus in order to record gameplay videos.

If you have a Playstation 4, you’re probably familiar with the fact that you can now record your own gameplay without any sort of capture device, as one is already built into the Playstation 4.

However, as of right now, Sony is only allowing you to upload your Playstation 4 videos to Facebook, which kind of sucks. Sure, it’s cool to show your skills off to all of your friends, but chances are, you want to become the next big gamer on YouTube.

In this blog post you will learn how to:

  • Download Playstation 4 videos to your computer.
  • Upload Playstation 4 videos to YouTube.

If you prefer reading instructions, rather than viewing my instruction in the video above, you can keep scrolling down to find out how to upload Playstation 4 videos to YouTube.

Step 1: Share your Playstation 4 gameplay video to Facebook.

Now, I’m going to assume that you already know how to share your Playstation 4 videos to Facebook.

If not, it’s basically as simple as hitting the “Share” button on your Playstation 4 controller, selecting the clip of your choice and then uploading it to Facebook.

After you select your clip, you’ll have to wait for the video to upload. This could take awhile, especially if you recorded a lengthy bit of gameplay.

Step 2: Go to your Facebook profile and locate your Playstation 4 video.

After your video is finished uploading, you need to go to your Facebook profile. It’s important to go to your profile page, so that way you won’t have any problems locating your video.

Find your status update that contains your Playstation 4 video. Make sure that this particular status is viewable to the public. Click on the “Privacy” button and change it to public if it’s not already on public.

Now, right click on the center of your Playstation 4 video clip and click the following:

  • If you’re using Internet Explorer, click on “Copy Shortcut.”
  • If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, click on “Copy link address.”

The exact phrase may vary, but it shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

Step 3: Go to

On, you will find an empty box where you can input the link to your Playstation 4 video.

Right click in the box and then select “Paste.”

After this, click on the “DOWNLOAD” button directly beside of the box that contains your video URL.

Step 4: Download your Playstation 4 video

After a few seconds, will locate your video and it will pop up on the page.

Once you see your video on, you will see a gray button that says “Download This Video (right click and SAVE-AS).”

Right click on that gray bar and select “Save as” to begin downloading your Playstation 4 video to your computer.

Step 5: Upload your Playstation 4 video to YouTube

Now that you have your Playstation 4 video on your computer, you can upload it to YouTube just like you would any other video.

If you want, you can edit the video with third-party software before uploading the video, but it’s up to you.

You’re done!

Now, that wasn’t so bad; was it? Now you know how to easily upload your Playstation 4 videos to YouTube.

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