Matt Prater Sets New NFL Record for Longest Field Goal

Matt Prater Sets New NFL Record for Longest Field Goal

Matt Prater’s kick lands him in the NFL record books!

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Matt Prater, kicker for the Denver Broncos, has landed himself in the NFL record books after his insane field goal on Sunday.

NFL goal posts are 18 and a half feet apart and this man was able to put the ball between them from 64 yards away.

Matt Prater set the new record on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans and it was pretty crazy to watch. If you miss it, you should check out the video below:

The previous NFL record for longest field goal was 63 yards, so Matt Prater beat the record by a single yard.

However, if you look at the video, you can see that Prater has a hell of a leg on him. It looked to me like he would have a solid chance at making a 70 yard field goal.

As a matter of fact, the Bronco’s official site has noted that Matt Prater has nailed 70 yard field goals and longer in practice.

I’d love to see him get the chance to do it in a live game, though.

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