Korean IT Companies Trying to Avoid Windows 8 At All Costs

Korean IT Companies Trying to Avoid Windows 8 At All Costs

Windows 8 sucks on desktops and everyone knows it.

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People have expressed their distaste for Windows 8 since before it was even released to the public. Just by screenshots alone, everyone knew that this operating system was going to royally suck and they were 100% correct.

Even though Microsoft knows that Windows 8 needs some major improvements to properly accommodate desktop users, they’re still hoping that they will see an increase in Windows 8 users once they discontinue support for Windows XP, which is coming very soon.

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Unfortunately for Microsoft, when they discontinue support for Windows XP, some companies out there are going to take the leap to an entirely different operating system, rather than migrating to Windows 8.

A Korean IT company has came out and said that they are thinking about switching over to Ubuntu, which is a Linux platform. Yes, they dislike Windows 8 that much.

The company has stated that they realize that Ubuntu doesn’t support a wide array of programs like Windows, but it’s easy to install and it’s a pretty sophisticated operating system. A spokesperson for the company went on to say “PC users today do not need clunky packaged software, because in a desktop environment today, users can perform most of the tasks with the aid of a simple browser.”

Of course, this is only one company and this movement to Ubuntu won’t become a trend for IT departments. Unfortunately, most people are familiar with Windows and they’re not going to make their staff completely switch to a totally different operating system when 99% of the world is already so familiar with Windows. Chances, most companies will just update to a version of Windows 7 and leave it at that.

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  1. Me and Hubby hate, Hate, HATE! Windows 8! I know He loves XP and Win7, he’d also much rather use Linux too…

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