“Flappy Bird” Has Flown The Coop

“Flappy Bird” Has Flown The Coop

Flappy-birdIn May 2013, a game involving a small yellow bird and bright green pipes was released called “Flappy Bird.” Though the game was described as difficult, irritating, and an annoying game with bad graphics, it has recently taken off and is suddenly one of the hottest games to play.  The premise of the game was rather simple, which is to help a small struggling yellow bird avoid green pipes while flying.  Since May, the game has been downloaded and played, but then suddenly in December, this simple little game took off like a rocket, and its players are hopelessly addicted to it. The sudden success of “Flappy Bird” has brought a lot of attention to its creator, Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese software developer who claims that it only took him a day or two to make the game.

Despite “Flappy Bird” being the number one most downloaded game on the Google Play store and on ITunes, the success of the game has not been wine and roses for Nguyen. On the creator’s Twitter, Nguyen has asked to be left alone, and on Saturday February 8th, he announced to the world that “Flappy Bird” had less than 24 hours to live before he would remove the game.

There was speculation that the reasons for Nguyen’s decision to take the game down was the fact the green pipes in the game bore a striking resemblance to the green pipes that are used in Nintendo’s Mario games, but this is not the case.  “Flappy Bird” may be gone, but Nguyen has made the statement that he will continue to make more games. Will Nguyen’s next game be as successful as “Flappy Bird,” and if it is, will it be as short-lived as its predecessor if it just happens to be a big hit?

Only time will tell…




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