“Splashy Fish” Game Growing Popular

“Splashy Fish” Game Growing Popular

Splashy-Fish-Game-Over-for-Flappy-BirdGames come and go, and people never know what the hottest new game will be. Sometimes what was hot yesterday is no longer hot today.  “Flappy Bird” took off for its developer, Dong Nguyen, but now that the game has been removed, there are alternatives that are starting to get the attention they deserve. For those “Flappy Bird” fans that are still in mourning for their game, there is good news! There is a new game that is already number one for the iPhone App store called “Splashy Fish.”

Other Alternatives to “Flappy Bird” Are Becoming Popular

“Splashy Fish” is not the only game that is quickly becoming the hottest game since “Flappy Bird,” and there are other alternatives that people are finding just as fun and addicting as “Flappy Bird.” Other than “Splashy Fish,” there are six other games that people are really enjoying.

  • “Ironpants”: Instead of a bird that has to be taped repeatedly, this is a little tiny superhero in a cape. The graphics are better than “Flappy Bird,” but the premise of the game works pretty much the same.
  • “Clumsy Bird”: The makers of this game may face legal action if the “Angry Birds” people ever take a close look at it because the little bird bears a striking resemblance to the red “Angry Bird,” but it has a body and a little red cape.
  • “Flappy Bee”:  “Flappy Bee” is the exact version of “Flappy Bird” except that it is a little bee flying around instead of a bird.
  • “Flappy Doge”:  For people who do not have a smart phone or tablet, there is a browser version of “Flappy Bird” called “Flappy Doge.”

For those fans that miss “Flappy Bird,” there are plenty of alternatives to the game that is now gone including games involving fish, bees, and dogs. Dong Nguyen may have removed his game due people’s addictions to it, but at the same time, what are games for if not to be played?


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