3 Romance Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day 2014

3 Romance Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day 2014

A nice quiet Valentine’s Day at home will more than likely mean that after supper, the couple will sit down and enjoy one another’s company with some quality time together. Instead of just sitting in silence, now may be the time to throw in a DVD and watch a movie. There are a lot of romantic movies out there, but there are three that should be watched on the most romantic day of the year with that very special someone.

1. The Notebook


First love usually happens when people are teenagers, but love during the summer does not always mean that those feelings can survive into adulthood.  Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling fall in love as teenagers, but it ends when the summer does. However, they meet up once again years later, and those feelings they had as teenagers are still there, but there is a problem because McAdams is engaged to someone else.

2. Titanic


Jack is a poor boy and Rose is a rich girl, and both are on the ill-fated liner, RMS Titanic. Rose has a fiance that she does not love, but her mother is pushing for the marriage to go through anyway because they are out of money, but no one in their social circle knows. The romance between Jack and Rose is played out during the voyage right up until the sinking of the mighty ship.

3. The Lucky One


Sometimes fate is behind two people getting together, and Zac Efron finds that out first hand when he finds a picture of a girl while he is in the military serving overseas. When he gets back home to the United States, he finds the girl, and ends up working for her on her ranch where the two fall in love.

Valentine’s Day is a day when the love between two people is celebrated. When the evening comes, a couple can settle down to a movie, and there are three romantic movies that are not only enjoyable, but also show that love truly does conquer all.

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