Richard Petty VS Danica Patrick – The Race Is On

Richard Petty VS Danica Patrick – The Race Is On

Richard…Richard…Richard…Perhaps you need to think before you speak, especially when it comes to racing. You haven’t raced in 25 years, and perhaps you think it is still 1989? When women were not in the world of racing?  Danica Patrick was a six year old girl the last time you were behind the wheel of a race car, but she’s a woman now…A race car driver that you said lacked talent, well now it is time for you to possibly eat those words.

Richard Petty: Old Fashioned Driver Stuck in the Past?


For those of you that don’t know, Richard Petty had some things to say about race car drive Danica Patrick, and he basically said she is not a very good race car driver. Danica Patrick has made a lot of headlines as the first female NASCAR driver in history. Before she joined NASCAR, Patrick was considered to be the most successful woman in open-wheel racing history with several wins to her credit. While Danica did not pay much mind to what the 76 year old Petty had to say, Tony Stewart had a few choice words for the NASCAR legend.  Stewart suggested in order to settle the question of whether or not Patrick has any talent behind the wheel is for the two of them to settle it in a race. Petty agreed to the race, but there is no word yet on what Patrick has to say about Tony Stewart’s idea that they settle it on the track.

Stewart says that he tried not to react to what Richard Petty had to say, but the fact is that Petty has not driven in NASCAR since the 1980s, and racing has changed a lot since his day and has become much more challenging.   Perhaps Stewart is right, perhaps these days Richard Petty would not be the NASCAR legend he is today if he was racing in the modern word of racing.  Time for the old to meet the new, and a race between Patrick and Petty is the only way to settle the score.


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