Jake the Snake Roberts: I Have Cancer

Jake the Snake Roberts: I Have Cancer

The World Wrestling Federation had some amazing stars back in the day, and one of the most unusual yet talented wrestler was Jake the Snake Roberts. Roberts was talented when it came to wrestling, and he used to bring in a giant python into the ring. Roberts began wrestling in 1975, and joined the World Wrestling Federation, known at that time as the WWF, in 1986.  Roberts was with the World Wrestling Federation from 1986 to 1992.  After he left the WWF, he ended up with their one and only competition, the WCW. However, Roberts was only this company for one year.  Roberts wrestled freelance for a couple of years before he returned to World Wrestling Federation, now known as the WWE, but it was a short lived comeback that only lasted one year. Roberts was fired from the WWE for substance abuse. The last time Robert wrestled was for ECW, and that only lasted for one year before he left the company.

A Cancer Diagnosis and A Hall of Fame Induction


After  years of having problems with substances abuse, that he has overcome, Jake the Snake announced to the world that he was diagnosed with cancer. Roberts reported that he found a large tumor on the back of his knee. The growth was tested by doctors, and the report came back that it was a tumor that has to be removed immediately. Roberts is scheduled to be indicted into the WWE Hall of Fame on April 5th. Roberts will undergo emergency surgery tomorrow, and has promised fans that despite this diagnosis, he will be present at the ceremony.

Jake the Snake Roberts made a name for himself, in what is known as the squared circle wrestling, wrestling some of the best athletes in the WWE. Now, the 59 year old former wrestler may be facing his greatest challenge yet, getting over cancer.  Roberts has triumphed over the personal demons in his life, and fans have no doubt that he will conquer this one as well.


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