Samsung Galaxy S5 is Revealed at Barcelona Tech Show

Samsung Galaxy S5 is Revealed at Barcelona Tech Show

Samsung recently gave the world a first look at its latest phone, the Galaxy S5, during a technology show in Barcelona, Spain, and the phone’s new features have cell phone lovers’ pulses racing. Not only does the S5 have a screen that’s a full one inch larger than the previous Galaxy model, but it also has cutting-edge technology that includes a fingerprint sensor for improved user security and a screen that adapts instantly to environmental conditions.

Fingerprint Sensor Offers More Than Just User Privacy

While many people believe that Samsung is simply copying the iPhone S5, which also has fingerprint sensor technology, the scanner on the Galaxy S5 does more than just offer users a way to keep prying eyes locked out of their phone and curious fingers away from their apps. In addition to being a security measure, the sensor will also prevent people from making unauthorized purchases with PayPal, as only the fingerprint of the owner will unlock that option.  This is a great feature for parents of toddlers who love to press buttons on mom’s and dad’s phone so they don’t accidentally make major purchases.

A Superior Camera and Much More

Cell phone users who have ruined phones in the past by dropping them in the toilet or pool will be glad to hear that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resistant, which may give it a second chance at life if it’s exposed. The screen also brightens and dims instantly depending on environmental light conditions, and has a 16 megapixel camera which is three times as sharper than the S4. This is a boon for those whose spend a great deal of time taking pictures for social media posts to send to friends and family.

While the new Galaxy model is set to go on sale on April 11th, the company has not made any official statements about its cost.


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