Facebook: 2 Reasons Why Its Presence is Everywhere

Facebook: 2 Reasons Why Its Presence is Everywhere

People are leaving Facebook in droves these days, and for a number of reasons: there’s too much drama, they’re tired of seeing dozens of photos of their cousin’s baby’s potting training efforts, the endless game invites, and the soul-sucking hold it seems to have over people once they sign up. However, even if you’ve recently dumped your Facebook for the greener pastures of another site or are trying to avoid social media altogether, there ways that the ever-watchful eye of Zuckerberg and Co. try and keep you in the fold, and here are two of the most common.


When Facebook purchased the photo sharing site in 2012, Zuckerberg claimed that the site would run as it always did, independently of their mother site, but over the past twelve months or so, it’s apparent that the unspoken code of conduct that many people abide by on Facebook has now migrated over to Instagram. The company has been censoring photos and banning others and, in a shocking move last January, locked many people out of their Instagram account and asked that they upload a photo of a government-issued ID in order to verify their identity. Since Facebook is big on making sure real people are using their sites, you’re on a slippery slope if you want to sign up for Instagram and use a nickname.

Comment Lockouts

Gone are the days where you could read an online article and add an anonymous comment. Now, in order to leave comments on blogs, social news networks, or almost any site, you’re required to sign in with a Facebook account. In some cases you can use Twitter, but in many cases, you’re instantly prompted to sign in with Facebook so the site can post your activity. If you’re addicted to Internet news, it’s almost impossible to leave comments without signing into the almighty Facebook first, and in many cases, those who have dumped their account end up signing up again, re-joining the ranks of those who are under Facebook’s reign, resigned to the fact that its presence online is almost inescapable.

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