3 Hilarious Star Trek Celeb Twitter Accounts

3 Hilarious Star Trek Celeb Twitter Accounts

Star Trek is a global fandom phenomenon that has consistently filled convention halls across the world since its premiere on TV in 1966. Since then, there have been spinoffs, movies, book series, and countless other ways for fans to enjoy the Star Trek universe, but one of the most entertaining things about Star Trek is the celebs who have taken to the Internet to promote themselves and connect with fans on Twitter. Here are three Star Trek celeb Twitter accounts that you should be following.

George Takei

This quick-witted actor played Hikaru Sulu in the original Star Trek series and has been active on Twitter for several years now. Not only does he support LBGTQ causes, but he also interacts with fans and pokes fun at those who seem to take life too seriously. He’s very aware of social trends and often comments on breaking news, such as gay marriage:



You can find George Takei at @GeorgeTakei, where he posts several times daily.

Wil Wheaton

This young actor, who played the often-maligned Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation, understands his fan base and takes full advantage of the fact that he played a character that most people hate. Not only is Wheaton intelligent and quick-witted in his replies to people who try and put him down, he also uses Twitter to promote awareness about dog abuse and neglect. Dog lovers are also sure to love Wheaton’s Twitter, as his large and goofy dogs are heavily featured in his tweets. His interactions with fellow ST:TNG cast member Patrick Stewart are also riotous:



Follow Wil Wheaton at @wilw.

William Shatner

There’s little doubt that Shatner is one of the most beloved Trek actors alive today. His portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk won him the hearts of millions, and his 1.78 million followers on Twitter are a testament to his popularity. It surprises many that someone of Shatner’s age is so adept at using social media, but no one loves to poke more fun at Shatner than the man himself, and his daily posts are proof that his self-depreciating humor and love for his fans are still very much intact:



You can find William Shatner on Twitter at @WilliamShatner, where he tweets at least half a dozen or more times a day.

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