Batman: Arkham Knight is Set to Debut for 2014

Batman: Arkham Knight is Set to Debut for 2014

The release of Batman: Arkham Knight is confirmed for fall of this year for the PS4, XBox1, and the PC, and Batman fans can look forward to a bigger universe, more intense villain battles, and a single-player experience that includes a player-controlled Batmobile.

An Expanded Gotham Universe

Batman: Arkham Knight picks up the story of the previous DC game, Arkham City, only a year has passed since those events. Players will recognize Gotham City in all its iconic glory, but the game’s designers have made the city five times larger than it was in Arkham City. Not only that, but the streets are also wider so that the new player-guided Batmobile is easier to drive. Not only is this version of the Batmobile more badass than any of its digital predecessors, but the Batman character can call for its aid simply by pressing a button, and when put into action, the car is nearly unstoppable.

New Moves, but Plenty to Love for Dedicated Fans Too

There’s plenty of new moves for players to love, as the single-player game has allowed designers to focus on the way the hero moves. Players have the ability to eject Batman from the Batmobile, where he can use his grappling hook or gliding ability to land safely. There are also a number of new combat moves that the Dark Knight will need to take down a slew of villains that include Two Face, Harley Quinm, and Scarecrow, along with a new and powerful villain that was designed exclusively for Batman: Arkham Knight and waits in the shadows to take over Gotham.

DC fans will also be happy to hear that Arkham Knight’s Batman is voiced by the talented Kevin Conroy, who has given voice to the character in a number of animated series and movies. Conroy takes over for Roger Craig Smith, who voiced Batman in Arkham Origins.

Check out the official Batman: Arkham Knight trailer, which is sure to get your heart pumping!

[youtube id=”wsf78BS9VE0″]

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