Farmville 2 Goes Mobile with Country Escape App

Farmville 2 Goes Mobile with Country Escape App

If you love Zynga’s Farmville 2 game, then set aside those virtual hoes, because the company has a big announcement for you.

Zynga announced recently that it will launch a mobile app of its most popular game, Farmville 2. The new mobile game, which will allow players to save their farms on the cloud, will include much of the fun and charm of the original game, which has made it a fan favorite for years. This is the first Farmville app that the company will launch in conjunction with Farmville 2, which millions of people have played since its release in the fall of 2012.

Farm on the Go with Country Escape

Zynga hopes to recapture some of its former success, as players have turned to mobile apps and are spending less time playing at their computers, which took some of the wind out of the popularity of Farmville 2. The new app, entitled Farmville 2: Country Escape, has already undergone some beta testing and will be available for  iOS and Android sometime this year.

Farming Fun with Some New Features

While Farmville 2:Country Escape won’t offer players access to their full-scale farms online, the app will have a number of fun features that the original game doesn’t, and the farms will have all the visual features that players enjoy but on a smaller scale, as the farms will be smaller and easier to care for. Players will also have access to a virtual delivery service that allows them to deliver products from their mobile farm to the full-scale version, such as water and sugar, both of which are vital to growing crops and crafting food to sell.

The Country Escape app will also allow players to connect to their friends so they can share goods and help each other out on their farms, which has always been an important part of the game, and Zynga has high hopes that Country Escape will put them back on top of social media gaming.

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  1. I love FV Country Escape, but am currently frustrated w the 20 million cap on coins. I wish there was a way to send coins to FV2 like you can send water. Just a suggestion. ☺

  2. Thank you for reading the above. ☺

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