Trial of the Century Day 4: Steenkamp’s Wounds

Trial of the Century Day 4: Steenkamp’s Wounds

The trial of Oscar Pistorius is now in its fourth day, and today, the wounds that were inflicted on the body of 29 year old Reeve Steenkamp were discussed in court today. According to the medical examiner, Steenkamp was hit three times by the four shots that Pistorius fired. Listening to the testimony was clearly upsetting to Pistorius, who covered his ears during it and began to cry. He was then comforted by his sister, and appeared to be shaken up.

Steenkamp’s Wounds Meant She Could Not Scream That Night


On day one and day two of the Pistorius trial, the testimony was all about what was heard that night from the people that live in the same secure compound as Pistorius. The witnesses were pretty adamant about what they heard, some did claim to hear the voices of both a man and a woman, but the defense came back that it was not two voices, but one, and that it belonged to Oscar Pistorius, who was under extreme duress when he was yelling and it made his voice sound higher like a woman. The witnesses who were so clear in their statements of hearing a woman’s voice may be incorrect, according to the medical testimony given today because the wound in the head that Steenkamp sustained would have made it medically impossible for her to have screamed due to the brain damage she sustained. Steenkamp also was shot in the right side and shoulder.

There was also testimony today regarding the first doctor that came upon the scene. He found Pistorius at the bottom of the stairs trying the help the wounded and bleeding Steenkamp. Pistorius was trying everything to help Steenkamp, and that he kept repeating over and over again that he thought that Steenkamp was a burglar and he didn’t mean to shoot her.

However, whether the judge believes Oscar Pistorius, and if his reaction to the testimony is genuine or not, remains to be seen because there are many more days to go yet before this trial is concluded and a verdict is rendered.


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