Breaking: Bieber and Gomez Seen Together in TX!

Breaking: Bieber and Gomez Seen Together in TX!

It seems that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez just can’t stay away from each other.

Bieber and Gomez were spotted in McAllen, TX just this afternoon, where they had allegedly spent the whole day together after Bieber drove all the way from Miami to see her. The two went to a local Starbucks together and then headed to Don Pepe’s, where they ate breakfast. After breakfast, Gomez used her Instagram account to send out a photo, which shows her and Bieber together.

Is Bieber Still Smitten?

While there’s a great deal of speculation about Bieber making a special trip to Texas just to see Gomez, the pop star has little other reason to visit the Hidalgo area. Gomez, however, is putting on a show in Hidalgo tomorrow evening, which really sheds light on the reason for Bieber’s visit. It’s pretty obvious that he didn’t drive all that way just to go to Royal Perfume, where the singer bought several different kinds of cologne this afternoon. Bieber purchased a bottle of Obsession among other colognes, which begs the question–is this a Freudian purchase that confesses his undying fascination for Gomez or is it just coincidence?

It seems like there’s little doubt that things are heating up again between Bieber and Gomez despite Bieber’s troubles in Miami, where he slammed out of a deposition yesterday when the defense began to question his relationship with Gomez. Is Bieber just being defensive about the woman he’s still smitten with, or does he have something to hide? Only time will tell, but for now, it looks like the couple’s off-again-on-again relationship is back on–at least until Gomez leaves Texas and Bieber heads back to Miami to face his DUI and assault charges.

If things go bad for the Biebs, there’s a good chance that the next visit between him and Gomez will be a conjugal one.

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