IMDB Scam Uncovered: Is Amazon to Blame?

IMDB Scam Uncovered: Is Amazon to Blame?

Back in the day,The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) used to rank its stars and movies fairly, but thanks to big business, it looks as though money, as usual, is speaking louder than words or talent.

While IMDB is free to use, there is a paid version called IMDB Pro, where professional actors can run their own profiles and allow those who pay for the system to view their agent information. However, the public site has a ranking system known as  the STARMETER ranking, which is supposed to rank stars in terms of their popularity.  While few take it seriously, there are some actors who believe the rankings may affect the roles they are offered. Just recently, a scam was uncovered by the L.A. entertainment site Herald de Paris that explains why thousands of stars’ ratings were dropped–and why they’ve been asked to pay to fix it.

Quick Fix Companies Run by Amazon

Actors who saw their STARMETER rankings plunge were approached by a number of companies that offered to lower their rankings for a price. A contributing editor for Herald de Paris went undercover and signed up for one of these services, only to find that when she stopped payment on the service a few weeks later, her ratings plummeted and she was harassed repeatedly by the company. Other stars who have seen their rating drop were also sent ads  from a company called,which offered to fix their ranking for the price of $999.00 to restore someone’s ranking, and as is turns out, the media giant Amazon is behind it all.

Amazon owns IMDB and, as the Herald de Paris has uncovered, the ranking companies that have been wringing money from hard-working actors who want to fix their ratings. It’s also suspicious that just before the creation of these ranking companies, Amazon decided to handle IMDB’s tabulation system in-house.

Investigation by the Screen Actor’s Guild and several law firms are pending.


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