The Return of Popular “Flappy Bird” Game?

The Return of Popular “Flappy Bird” Game?

On February 8th of this year, “Flappy Bird” creator Dong Nguyen tweeted that players of his popular game had less than 24 hours to enjoy the game before it would be taken down.  The world was in mourning after that, and since that time a lot of “Flappy Bird clones have popped up to take its place like “Splashy Fish” and others have tried to fill the void in player’s hearts left by the removed game. Now, after “Flappy Bird” has flown the coop, it looks as though Dong Nguyen may be having a change of heart about taking away his very popular game.

“Flappy Bird” May Return With a Twist Says Dong Nguyen


“Flappy Bird” creator Dong Nguyen has been thinking about letting people play his popular game again, but to ease his conscience, he is going to add something to the game for people who are hopelessly addicted to it. When “Flappy Bird” returns it will have a twist, and that twist is a message that is going to pop up after players have been playing it for a certain amount of time, and it is going to encourage players to take a break.

After being gone from the app world for a little over a month, the very popular game, “Flappy Bird” might be coming back! There have been many clones of the popular game, but they just do not measure up to the original “Flappy Bird” game. Dong Nguyen is having second thoughts about having taken the game down, but now he claims that when the game does return, he is going to add a message that will encourage players to take frequent breaks. While people loved the “Flappy Bird” game, the fact that it may now encourage breaks may not be something the fans want. What do you all think of this news? Please answer the poll below:

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