Apple Unveils 8 G IPhone 5C

Apple Unveils 8 G IPhone 5C

Apple makes what is considered to be the best cell phone ever, the iPhone. The iPhone has only been out for 5 years, but over the years, quality has gone down. At one time, Apple was state-of-the-art, but now, there are other companies that have risen to the challenge of making a highly technical cell phone that gives iPhone some competition. Recently, the iPhone 5C has not been selling as well as Apple had hoped. However, now, Apple is making the iPhone 5C more affordable, but whether or not this is a smart move remains to be seen.

Low Sales Of the IPhone 5C – What Went Wrong?

Every Apple phone that has come out has mostly been a success, of course some models of the infamous iPhone have sold better than others, so when Apple released the iPhone 5C, executives at Apple thought that the fact that the price was lower than the regular iPhone 5 would make a huge difference in sales. Those Apple executives were wrong, and the general public did not like the fact that the body of the 5C is plastic, and not even the cool colors it came in made no difference.

Now, the Apple iPhone 5C is available in an eight gigabyte in the United States, but as of right now, the price has not been announced. What people need to remember is that the only real difference between the iPhone 5 and the 5C is the fact that one is metal and one is plastic. Does plastic really make a difference when people can get an iPhone for half the price or more of the metal one?

The Apple iPhone 5C is going to be available for an even lower price because now it will come in an eight gigabyte version now to go along with the 16 and 32 gig versions. Hopefully, people will see that an eight gigabyte version of the iPhone 5C is really a good deal and will go for it.

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