Fun Ways to Celebrate The First Day of Spring

Fun Ways to Celebrate The First Day of Spring

Today is March 20th, which means that it is officially the first day of spring! Now is the time to break out the tank tops and shorts, and run around outside in the warm sunny weather.  However, besides just breaking out the shorts and lemonade, there are other ways to welcome in the warm weather and to say goodbye to the wintertime blues.

Go outside and pick wildflowers

Tis the season for wildflowers, and nothing says celebrating the first day of spring than a pleasant hike in the great outdoors. By now, at least some wildflowers might be blooming, unless the ground is still covered in snow. A walk outdoors might not have been possible because of the cold weather, but now that the sun has returned, it is time to appreciate it with a little flower picking.

Clean out the bird and hummingbird feeders

Some people remember when the weather gets cold to take down their bird feeders and to remove their hummingbird feeders from the branches of their trees or they might get damaged during the winter. However, not everyone remembers about their feeders and leaves them outside to brave the wind, ice, snow, and low temperatures. Now that spring has returned, time to take down those feeders, clean them up, fill them, and put them back outside so Mother Nature’s creatures can enjoy the free meal.

Plant a vegetable or flower garden

The ground has been resting for the past four months, and during that time, it was regenerating and preparing for plants and flowers that will be planted in it. Since today is the first day of spring, there is no better way to celebrate it then digging in the rich soil and planting something.  Many people love to have a garden every year, and what better way to kick off the first day of spring then breaking out the seeds and flower bulbs?

Today is the first day of spring, and the best way to celebrate it is to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. After the long hard winter that certain parts of the country have had, the appearance of the sun is a welcome sight that people are grateful to see.

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