Courtney Cash Fatally Stabbed, Stuffed in Box

Courtney Cash Fatally Stabbed, Stuffed in Box

The grandniece of The Man in Black, Johnny Cash, was brutally murdered in her own home in the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 19th.

Courtney Cash, who was reported to be in her early to mid twenties, was stabbed multiple times after she and her boyfriend, William Austin Johnson, went out with a friend, who is identified as Wayne Gary Masciarella. The three returned to the house that Cash and Johnson shared with their 20-month-old daughter. Shortly after returning to the home, the three reportedly got into an argument. Masciarella pulled a knife and stabbed both Cash and Johnson multiple times. Johnson was able to get himself and the child out of the house, but sadly, Cash was fatally wounded.

Cause of the Stabbing Still Under Investigation

Tennessee law enforcement officials who investigated the home after the stabbing discovered Cash’s body in a small wooden box just inside the entrance to the house. They believe that Masciarella tried to hide Cash’s body before fleeing the scene. While the cause for the stabbing is still under investigation, but authorities have said that the argument may have been drug related. Masciarella was arrested a few hours later and is being charged with first-degree murder.

Officials in TN who processed the scene also said that the home was “very bloody” and that there were definite signs of a struggle.

Johnson remains in the hospital, and there is no word on who has custody of his daughter, who was, thankfully, uninjured during the stabbing.

Tommy Cash, Courtney’s uncle and the brother of the late Johnny Cash, released the following statement after asking for prayers for the family: “We are completely heartbroken . . . it is a time like this that we are grateful for our faith and trusting the loving guidance of God.”

Funeral arrangement announcements for Courtney Cash are pending.

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