“Flappy Bird” – Did Dong Nguyen Lose the Rights?

“Flappy Bird” – Did Dong Nguyen Lose the Rights?

There are rumors circulating around the web that Dong Nguyen is going to bring back his famous “Flappy Bird” game. While the whole world is excited, happy, and thrilled, that the game is going to be returning, the fact is that it may not be as simple as Nguyen flipping a switch and the game is back. Even though Nguyen was the creator of the awesomely popular “Flappy Bird,” the fact is that there may be some legal loopholes that neither Nguyen or the public are aware of.

Creators Deleting Apps Equals Loss of Rights

For people who never read the terms of service when they sign up for a service or even download software, this situation with Dong Nguyen may be the best example ever of why people need to do a little reading before they click on the agree box. Apple has very specific terms of service when it come to creators of mobile applications. When Dustin Nguyen decided to take down his “Flappy Bird” game, the fact he did may have cost him the rights to his game.

What does that means? Simple, Apple may not allow “Flappy Bird” to come back because another company has a patent pending for the name, which may cut Dong Nguyen out of the equation all together.

Dong Nguyen claims he may be bringing “Flappy Bird” back to the world, but what the Vietnamese app creator may not know is that he may have lost the ability to bring the game back. For people who never read the terms of service, this is a lesson in why people should because by taking down “Flappy Bird,” Dong Nguyen may have lost the rights to his popular game forever.

Will Apple let Dong Nguyen bring “Flappy Bird” back or will the game truly be gone forever?


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