IPad To Finally Get Stylus?

IPad To Finally Get Stylus?

Back in the day, when Steve Jobs was still alive, the CEO of Apple had a lot of opinions about things, and one thing he felt strongly about was the fact that his competitors were releasing tablets that came with stylus pens. In Steve Jobs’ opinion, anyone that had to use a stylus pen to use their tablet was a clear indication that the manufacturer did not do something right. When Steve Jobs, and his company Apple, first released the first generation iPad, the fact was that it worked perfectly well. Just like the iPhone, the iPad was touch screen, and people were able to use it just fine swiping it with their finger.

Though the iPad worked just fine with fingers, some people did opt to get a stylus pen that they could use because they were afraid that the constant touching could accidentally scratch up the screen even with a protective film. Everyone kept asking Steve Jobs when or if any kind of stylus pen was going to come out for the iPad, but Jobs was very reluctant to say because he was not fond of them. However, now that Steve Jobs is gone, Apple has gone through a lot of changes including the fact that Apple has submitted a patent for a stylus pen.


However, for everyone that loves the iPad, the news of a new stylus pen has the geek world all a flutter, but before people go rushing to their nearest Apple store, they need to remember that Apple does not have the best track record when it comes to fulfilling the patents they register.

If it is true, and Apple is going to come out with a stylus pen, Steve Jobs is going to be rolling in his grave. Jobs’ disdain for stylus pens was legendary, which may explain why an Apple stylus pen has never even been thought of until now. Will Apple truly put that patent to good use or is this simply a way to get the hopes up of tech geeks everywhere?



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