Titanic Survivor’s Letter – Eyewitness to Disaster

Titanic Survivor’s Letter – Eyewitness to Disaster

The RMS Titanic sank on April 15, 1912, and in the almost 102 years since the disaster, there are still details coming out about that horrible night. A letter has surfaced from survivor, Rose Amélie Icard, who was traveling on the doomed ship as a maid to a wealthy widow named, Martha Evelyn Stone. Before Icard died, she wrote a nine page letter that detailed everything she saw that fateful night, and one Titanic enthusiast not only bought the letter, but posted it on the Internet for everyone to see.

Icard Letter and Passport Owned by Titanic Enthusiast

Mike Delgado, a United States Marine living in Florida, has been fascinated by the RMS Titanic since he was a teenage boy and his father took him to one of the many Titanic exhibits that are available in certain locations around the world. One gaze at the artifacts from the doomed liner, and the 13 year-old was hooked for life. In 2012, Delgado bought Icard’s letter and passport for $6300 dollars at an online auction, and he posted pictures of it on Reddit, which caused a storm of interest in the nine page letter written in French.

Icard’s Account of Titanic Sinking

In her letter, Icard talks about standing on the Titanic’s boat deck next to her employer Stone, and Mr. and Mrs. Isador Strauss, who owned Macy’s Department Store. When it came time to board the lifeboat, Mrs. Strauss refused to leave her husband because they had been together for so many years, and she insisted they remain together even if it meant their death. Once she and Stone were in the lifeboat, Icard talks about how the officer in charge told everyone to row for their lives because the sinking Titanic would pull any lifeboat down with it if they were too close to the ship. Icard states she rowed so hard she had “bloody hands and paralyzed wrists.”

Rose Amélie Icard  died in 1964 at the age of 92, but her haunting words and description of one of the worst nights in history is preserved forever in her hand-written account of the disaster, and it is just one more piece to add to a puzzle that Titanic enthusiasts are putting together of the night the world’s biggest ship sank into the fridge waters of the North Atlantic.

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