Write On! 2 Tips for Successful Freelance Writing

Write On! 2 Tips for Successful Freelance Writing

If you already work freelance, then you probably already know that people think you must have it made. You get to work from home and choose your own working hours without having to deal with toxic coworkers. However, freelancing isn’t always a smooth career path, but there are several ways that you can ensure a steady flow of work and a virtual Rolodex full of satisfied clients. Here’s two tips from The Trend Guys to help you capitalize on your talents.

Make Your Work Space Family Free

If at all possible, set up a home office away from the hustle and bustle of the family. Having your own work space will increase your productivity and help you feel more professional. Ask your family for privacy when you’re working and not to interrupt unless it’s necessary. If it’s not something they would interrupt you with at a job outside the home, then they shouldn’t do so just because you work inside of it.

Network On a Daily Basis

Don’t assume that your clients will keep you in mind for work while you drum up new freelance writing business. Make an effort to keep in touch with each of them at least once a week and remind them that you’re available for work. If they don’t hear from you, they might assume you’re out of the loop and give work to people who are keeping in contact with them. The more you remind them that you’re available, the more work you’re able to get. This will also help you boost your ratings on freelance sites where clients leave you feedback. If they leave you negative feedback, contact them and try your best to solve whatever issue caused them to give you a low rating. In the freelance world, word of mouth is important, and so is the visible feedback people leave about you.



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