Asserting A Career Identity When You Work At Home

Asserting A Career Identity When You Work At Home

Hello again, gentle readers, it’s Krista here from The Trend Guys, and I’d like to talk to all you female telecommuters out there today about asserting a career identity when you work at home. Working freelance can be a joy, (I should know, I’ve been doing it professionally for two and a half years now,) but there’s also a number of pitfalls involved, and one of the biggest is having trouble saying no to other women who work outside the home and see your place as a free daycare when the kids get out of school. While your first instinct is probably to let these kids in, it’s important that you assert your identity as a writer, web graphic designer, or any job that you do from your computer and say no, and here’s why.

Your Job Has as Much Value as Anyone Else’s

One of the biggest problems I face as a telecommuter is that many people don’t take my career seriously, and this includes people within my own family. They expect me to run errands, that my home should be spotless, and that I don’t deal with any type of work-related stress because after all, I’m just writing on the computer! If you’re experiencing these issues in regards to other women who expect you to turn your home into a halfway house after school “because you’re home,” let me teach you a very simple response:


Why should you say no? Because if you don’t, then you aren’t holding your job in any higher regard than these other women are and letting your presence in the home trump your career and define you as something other than what what you’ve worked so hard to become. While saying no might be difficult, especially if some of these women are your friends and neighbors, keeping your working hours child free will benefit you and your career in the end.

And if someone asks you why their children coming to your house is a big deal “because you’re there, after all,” the next time you need someone to watch your child, drop them off at this person’s place of business without telling them: I’m sure they’ll get the message.


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