The iPhone 6: What Can Buyers Expect?

The iPhone 6: What Can Buyers Expect?

Whether it’s rumor or reality, many Apple fans are looking forward to the release of the iPhone 6.

This phone, which has a rumored release date of fall 2014, will compete directly with its biggest competition, Samsung, by introducing a phone that has a larger screen, much like the new Samsung Galaxy S5, a faster processing chip, and a curved design that will make it easier for users to hold, thus preventing many of the accidents that cause them to shatter or crack their screens.

Supersized iPhones?

The current iPhone model, the 5S, has a 5-inch display, but there are rumors that when Apple debuts the new iPhone 6, it will be available in two different sizes: 4.7 and 5.5. The larger 5.5-inch screen would rival the Samsung S5 and the Samsung Galaxy Note III, which was released last year. These two phone sizes would allow Apple to continue its pattern of offering two different types of phones within the same model range, such as the iPhone 5S and the more affordable model, the iPhone 5C. Rumors also abound that the new iPhone 6 will be thinner and have a bezel-free design, which will contribute to its streamlined design. While this may worry some users who are prone to dropping their phone, this new iPhone will also feature a sapphire display that is more durable than the current displays on the iPhone 6.

No Word Yet On Cost

While there is no word yet on what the iPhone 6 will cost, potential buyers are assuming that they will pay more for the 5.5- inch model. For many users, the size of a cell phone’s screen is a major selling point for them, as they use it for both work and play and for so much more than just making calls. Stay tuned to the Trend Guys for more updates about the iPhone 6 as they become available throughout the spring and summer.

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