Twitter Previews New Profile Pages, New Look

Twitter Previews New Profile Pages, New Look

Get ready to see the usual myriad of complaints on your Twitter feed because the company is changing the way their users’ profiles will look–again!

Twitter announced recently that it will start rolling out the new profile page look over the next month or so. Several prominent users, such as Michelle Obama, already have the new profile page, which allows them to have a larger profile photo, more choices for a customized header, and a number of personalized options for handling their tweets.

More Options for a More Personalized Look

The new Twitter will feature a number of ways for you to handle your tweets so that new followers can see the tweets that have the most interaction and why, as well as allowing you to pin your favorite tweets in order to find them faster. Tweets that have been favorited or retweeted many times will appear larger on your timeline, which makes them easier to find.

One new feature that those with large timelines or extremely chatty people on their timeline may enjoy is the new filtering option, which many users have been about for some time. Now you can choose which timeline to view when checking out other profiles. You will be able to choose from a number of new options, such as which tweets to filter based on username, replies, photos, or replies. This will let you clean up your timeline to make tweets easier to find and avoid those who tend to spam during television shows, movies, and sporting events.

Will New Twitter Take Off?

Twitter has changed the way users have used the site before, and one of its most recent updates, where tweeted conversations are connected with colored lines, didn’t go over well with many users. Will these new features hit the mark with its users, or will it lay a giant blue egg?

Only time and tweets will tell . . .

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