Chris Brown is Living It Up in a Virginia Slammer

Chris Brown is Living It Up in a Virginia Slammer

Chris Brown bemoaned recently how tough jail was for him in L.A., but now it seems that he’s hit the jackpot.

The pop star recently was processed at the Northern Neck Regional jail after a transfer from California to Washington, D.C. to Virginia that took five days, but he’s not talking about going straight or whining about the accommodations anymore, because according to him, this jail has it all!

Brown is extremely pleased about his new digs because unlike his L.A. lock down, he now gets to roam among a limited general population, has access to television, the library, telephones, and daily exercise (let’s just hope they don’t let him at the punching bag too much.) And best of all, Brown gets to shower once a day, even though he has to do so with other men. Officials at the jail have verified the fact that Brown is in inmate there.

Brown is Not Getting Any Special Treatment

Despite Brown’s apparent happiness over his new lifestyle in the Virginia jail, officials insist that Brown isn’t getting any extra special treatment and he’s not being offered any extra amenities.

An administrator at Northern Neck Regional Jail in Virginia confirms Chris is currently an inmate — and he’s quick to add Brown isn’t getting special treatment. While it’s not clear if he can receive visitors or if anyone has been to see him, Brown seems happy to be free of the kind of lock down that he was experiencing in L.A. and that was making him reconsider his thug lifestyle.

He’s even allowed to eat his meals in the cafeteria instead of having to chow down in his cell the way he did in L.A.

Of course, this makes you wonder if Brown will reconsider going straight now, since he appears to be so happy at Northern Neck.

Only time will tell . . .


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