Daily Rant: Cruise Ship Industry – What The Hell?

Daily Rant: Cruise Ship Industry – What The Hell?

Back in the 1980s Kathie Lee Gifford was singing about all the fun that people could have on a cruise ship, who doesn’t remember this fun commercial that made taking a cruise seem like a grand adventure aboard a floating city.

[youtube id=”Q4VIoI00wJo”]

However, these days, the cruise ship industry seems less like a fun time at sea, and more like the RMS Titanic.  In 2012, the Costa Concordia slid along the rocky coast off of Italy, and the right number of lifeboats or not, the ship ended up on its side, which rendered over half the lifeboats useless. Though only 32 poeple died in the tragedy, and the number could have been higher, but everyone was very lucky that night. However, the loss of the Costa Concordia seemed to set off a chain reaction that has spelled disaster for the cruise ship industry that it has yet to recover from.

The Past Three Months Has Seen Eight Major Illness Outbreaks On Cruise Ships

Okay cruise ship people, what is the problem here? Are you not cleaning the ships out the way you are supposed to every time you put out to sea? Over the last three months, a total of almost 1000 people have gotten very sick all because they want to have a little fun on the open sea. One of the incidents of the norovirus was thanks to a sick crew member bringing it on board, but shouldn’t the ship have been sterilized after that to kill the germ?

In addition to just getting sick, cruise ships have had problems with plumbing, the ship’s engines that made the voyage take twice as long due to a lack of the right speed, and shall we even talk about the fire that forced a Royal Caribbean cruise to cut a seven day voyage short?

The cruise ship industry better gets its act together soon, or people are going to find another way to travel that does not involve crossing the ocean in a big cruise ship that has more germs than a college dorm toilet bowl.

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