Autopsy Rules Ultimate Warrior’s Death Heart Related

Autopsy Rules Ultimate Warrior’s Death Heart Related

Last week, The Trend Guys reported the sad and untimely death of the wrestler known as The Ultimate Warrior. Ultimate Warrior was a wrestling icon of the 80s and had recently been inducted into the WWE just days before his death. However, those around him said the wrestler appeared ill, short of breath, and constantly red in the face, as if he was struggling to breathe.

The wrestler collapsed in a Scottsdale hotel lobby on April 8th while walking with his wife and never regained consciousness, leading those around to him to believe he died of a massive heart attack.

Autopsy Reveals Cause of Death

The details of an autopsy carried out in Phoenix, AZ this week show that the pro wrestler died of cardiovascular disease. A spokeswoman for Maricopa County says that the autopsy was conducted last week Thursday, and that the results show that The Ultimate Warrior was suffering from a disease that’s one of the most common causes of death in the country. While it’s obvious that his symptoms were apparent, it’s unclear whether or not the wrestler was being treated for the problem or if he was even aware of the problem.

The 54-year-old wrestler, who changed his name from James Hellwig to Ultimate Warrior when his career took off in the 80s, was one of the more popular and well-known wrestling stars of his day. Fans all over the world have discussed his death online, remembering the wrestler fondly from their childhood and mourning his untimely death.

While Scottsdale police have looked into the details surrounding the wrestler’s death, they have found no signs of anything unusual and have ruled out the possibility of any foul play. While it’s not unusual for some sports legends to resort to heavy painkillers in their later years because of the toll wrestling has taken on their bodies, the autopsy didn’t show any evidence of drug use.


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