Google Glasses Are Here!

Google Glasses Are Here!

Google Glasses have arrived, for those who have a few thousand dollars to throw around.

Up until now, Google Glasses have only been available to those in the Silicon Valley, but Google released a handful of the glasses today to those who were specifically selected by Google. The company hasn’t commented on how many they plan to sell, but they do hope that those who are seen wearing them will bring the product a lot of exposure–no matter what comments are.

Will Google Glasses Increase Invasion of Privacy?

The price of the glasses, which is a whopping $1,500, probably won’t be the only controversy over this wearable technology. Since those who wear the glasses can instantly photograph and upload video and picture content to the Web, many people will fear that these glasses will only increase the invasion of privacy that they claim smartphones have already caused.

But honestly, can these new glasses cause any more harm than smartphones do already? Thanks to a huge number of apps that allow people to already accomplish this, Google Glass can’t do any more harm than the glut of these apps have already caused, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Google says that they hope to introduce Google Glass everywhere by the fall. The limited release has some technophiles furious, but some speculate that the limited release will only drive them into a greater frenzy when the technology is released.  Research director Angela McIntyre  of the Gartner Research Firm asserts that Tuesday’s sale will appeal to “early adopters who are very interested in what new technology can do in terms of giving them capabilities they’ve never had before and interact with their social media in new ways — say, post video to social media and share it with friends in ways that are easier than they’ve been able to do before. Generally,consumers don’t understand the real value of Google Glass. They just need to be educated about it. When the price comes down, more folks will be willing to give it a try.”



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