Google Anti-Glass Movement on the Rise

Google Anti-Glass Movement on the Rise

It’s one of the most inevitable laws of technology: for every gadget created, there’s a group of people who cry about how it’s going to affect them.

Such is the case for Google Glass, an up-and-coming gadget that’s sure to be voted one of the most innovative products of the year, thanks to what it can do and how it might potentially change the face of how we record and upload digital media to our social media pages and how we plan and organize our daily lives. Google Glass, which is still in the testing stages and available so far to only a select few, look like regular glasses with a small prism that allows you to connect the device to your smartphone so that you can record and take pictures via voice commend. You can also use it to perform Web searches, get directions, and even make restaurant reservations. With all of this cool new technology at your finger (or eye) tips, you’d think there’d be a growing excitement about the product, but instead, there’s already a growing Google anti-glass movement that includes both individuals and businesses, and all this before the product is even available to the general public!

 What Are People So Worried About?

From anti-surveillance groups to technophobic people who don’t even understand what Google Glass is capable of, there is a growing distrust of the product all over the world. Others are obviously taking advantage of people’s paranoia and capitalizing on it, ( a software subscription service called Anti-Glass?) but really, what are people so worried about? While it’s true that people can use Google Glass to take photos and video with a voice command and without having to be obvious about it, are people really that paranoid that everyone will be recording their day-to-day activities? The truth is, unless you’re Tom Cruise or Lady Gaga, no one’s following you around with a camera, so this really isn’t a concern.

Others are concerned that Google Glass will eventually include facial recognition that will give the wearer the ability to scan a person’s face and identify them instantly, which is an invasion of personal privacy. As usual, there’s the cry of “Think of the children!” in this case, where some people think that drooling pedophiles will use Google Glass to identify kids and call them by name or find out their home address.

It’s amazing how panicked people can get about new technology before it’s even made available by the general public. Remember when smartphone technology first came out and everyone was worried that it would turn society into techno-slaves, ala Terminator? Well you could make an argument for some people, conversation and social engagement is still alive and well, despite social media. It’s doubtful that Google Glass will make a huge impact when it comes to the invasion of the average person’s privacy, and what’s amusing is that if these same people who are crying about their privacy already use Facebook, their personal information is already being accessed and used for a number of different purposes, so it’s a little late for them to protect it now.



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