Debbie Gibson Has Lyme Disease

Debbie Gibson Has Lyme Disease

Back in the 1980s Debbie Gibson was a teen idol that had a lot of top 10 hits. After she had her fun touring around the country, Gibson began a career on Broadway that had her playing a lot of memorable roles that gave her a chance to show off both her acting and singing talent. These days, Gibson is still doing movies, and her first love has always been music. However, during an appearance she made a few weeks ago, fans were shocked to see that their favorite singer had a very gaunt appearance that made everyone began to question whether or not she was in good health.

Debbie Gibson Diagnosed With Lyme Disease In 2013

Last year, Debbie Gibson began having problems with food that were causing her to get sick every time she would eat. Thinking it was just food allergies, she began altering her diet, but she began to feel worse. In addition to the weight loss, there were also other symptoms that were beginning to make life difficult for the singer like night sweats and migraine headaches.  Gibson’s family and friends began to notice how thin she was getting, and finally urged her to go to the doctor.  Doctors tested Gibson, and the diagnosis came back as Lyme disease, and she has been on treatments ever since.

Fans were shocked at the gaunt appearance of pop star Debbie Gibson, but the reason why she is so painfully thin is due to the fact she is has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease.   Gibson will undoubtedly put back on more weight as her condition is treated, but people need to remember that sometimes a thin appearance is not due to vanity, but due to a medical condition. No one has the right to judge anyone for their appearance, and people should look in the mirror before finding fault with someone else.

We at the Trend Guys are huge Debbie Gibson fans, and we wish her a speedy recovery!

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