Buckwild Coming Back For Season 2 on MTV!

Buckwild Coming Back For Season 2 on MTV!

In April of 2013, Shain Gandee, his uncle, and his  friend, were out in a Ford Bronco having fun going off road. However, mud plus SUV does not always mix especially if the vehicle just happens to get stuck in the mud, which is exactly what happened to Gandee and his two passengers. According to authorities, a person on an ATV found the Bronco that had Gandee and his passengers, and it took authorities needing a bulldozer in order to pull the Bronco out of the mud hole it was in. Unfortunately, the passengers inside, including 21 year-old star of Buckwild was dead of carbon monoxide poisoning. The tailpipe of the Bronco was covered in mud, which forced the exhaust back up into the car and killed the three passengers in the SUV. MTV decided to cancel the show, but one year later there is good news for Buckwild fans

MTV Bringing Back Buckwild For Season 2

One year after the death of Shain Gandee, MTV has changed its mind about the formerly cancelled hit, Buckwild. According to sources, the television show has been shooting in Alaska for the past month. MTV has also said that there is a brand new cast for season 2, but the stunts that they do on the show are just as wild and crazy as ever.

The death of reality star Shain Gandee resulted in the hit show Buckwild being cancelled last year. Gandee, his uncle, and a friend, died in April of 2013 when the Bronco they were off roading in got stuck in a deep mud hole. The three were trapped in the SUV, and they ended up dying of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Buckwild show got cancelled due to Gandee’s death, but now MTV has announced that the show is coming back and is already filming in Alaska. Get ready Buckwild fans because it’s back and wilder than ever!

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