E-Cigarettes With Liquid Nicotine – Good or Bad?

E-Cigarettes With Liquid Nicotine – Good or Bad?

Smoking is considered to be a nasty habit that is not only smelly and bad for the human body, but it is also considered to be socially unacceptable in some places. There are many cities that have even gone as far as to ban cigarette smoking indoors and outdoors. Since cigarette smoking is becoming less and less tolerated, electronic cigarettes, which are also known as E-cigarettes, are becoming quite popular. With these electronic cigarettes, nothing is burning, but what makes them like cigarettes is the fact that they are loaded with a liquid nicotine that gets turned into vapor. However, ever since these vapor cigarettes have come out, the debate has been on about just how safe they are.

 Liquid Nicotine Debate – Safe Or Poisonous?

As of right now, the FDA is deciding on the kinds of rules and regulations there should be regarding the E-cigarettes. There have been many reports of children who have been sent to the hospital due to having gotten into the vials of liquid nicotine that come with the E-cigarettes. However, just how poisonous is the liquid nicotine because as of right now, the nicotine in liquid form does come in flavors, but its made in such a way that only contains a small percentage of actual nicotine.  When looking over the actual cases of poisoning from nicotine, the substance that children has been in contact with are things like chewing up real cigarettes or eating chewing tobacco, very few incidents have actually involved the E-cigarette liquid nicotine. Apparently, the supposed liquid nicotine poisonings are being over dramatized by those that are against the electronic cigarettes in the first place.

The  E-cigarette debate is about whether or not the cigarette replacements are as dangerous as the real things. There have been reports of kids being poisoned by the liquid nicotine, but when the actual numbers were reviewed, the number of children poisoned by the liquid was lower than children who got a hold of real cigarette or ate chewing tobacco.  The question as to whether or not E-cigarettes are dangerous is still going on, and the answer to this question might not be known for some time.

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