Microsoft Now Owns Nokia

Microsoft Now Owns Nokia

As if Microsoft does not own the whole world already and a majority of the world doesn’t use Windows, news has it today that the merger between Microsoft and Nokia is finally going through. What people may not know is that Nokia and Microsoft were already the best of friends, after all, who do you think makes the Microsoft Windows phone? That’s right, you guessed it, Nokia! However, anyone that actually owns the Windows phone will see that every phone says Nokia, but Nokia is now owned by the client they were working for. Is it good or bad that Nokia is now owned by Microsoft and will it affect the quality of the phones they make?

Deal Between Microsoft and Nokia First Announced Back In September of 2013

The announcement that Microsoft was going to purchase Nokia first came out in the fall of 2013, but what people do not know about one company buying another is the fact that it is not that simple. The first step is to buying a company is for the deal to be approved of by that company’s board of directors, and once that is done, the next steps involve the government who ultimately have the final say in whether or not the deal is allowed to go through. It has taken almost 6 months now for the government to approve the Microsoft Nokia deal, but now things are green across the board.

After six months of waiting, the Microsoft and Nokia deal has finally gone through. Nokia was already working with Microsoft because they are the ones who make the Microsoft Windows phone. However, Nokia will not be called that anymore, Microsoft is going to change the name of the company to Microsoft Mobile.

The merger will be interesting to see, and will this mean that Microsoft will now start coming out with their own line of cell phones now that Nokia is part of the company?


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