Daily Rant: Alicia Silverstone Writes Book

Daily Rant: Alicia Silverstone Writes Book

Hi everyone, Jax here from the Trend Guys bringing you the latest in celebrity gossip, news, unusual stories, and whatever else just happens to make the news!  Checking out the news today, I found an interesting story about Alicia Silverstone writing a book. Silverstone starred in that awesome movie Clueless, but she kind of disappeared a little bit from mainstream Hollywood when she got pregnant and became a mother. Why is it that celebrity moms can be a little bit on the nutty side? Just saying… celebrity moms have been making headlines lately for their unusual points of view about things like vaccines, and it seems as though the star of Batman & Robin is joining the bandwagon.

Alice Silverstone Book Includes Placenta Recipes

Alicia Silverstone’s book is causing a stir because of its rather colorful contents. Silverstone’s parenting style has been called into question before when there was a report that she was pre-chewing up her food for her son, which is the same way that birds feed their young. In Silverstone’s book, she too has her own opinion about vaccines, and once again, another celebrity mom has come out against vaccines. Perhaps all of these celebrity mothers need to read about the recent measles epidemic that was a direct result of so many children not being properly immunized against measles.

In addition to Silverstone’s all-natural approach to raising her son, the book also contains various ways that a woman can eat a placenta. Among some of the ways that a woman can eat placenta is being blended together in a shake or put inside capsules that can then be swallowed.  Supposedly, there are health benefits to ingesting placenta, but the idea of eating one sounds…hard to stomach.

Alice Silverstone wrote a book called, The Kind Mama, and in it, she talks about things like not getting kids vaccinated, and also women eating placenta for the good of their health, and while the book itself has caused controversy, it definitely shows the world the kind of parent Silverstone is.

We here at the Trend Guys wish Alicia Silverstone a lot of luck with her new book…

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