Silk – Female Version of Spider-Man

Silk – Female Version of Spider-Man

There are many comic book superheroes out there, but the problem is that a majority of the comic book heroes are of the male persuasion, and while it is fun to see these men kick butt, there is not enough girls out there with the tenacity to be a hero. However, Marvel Comics is about to even the playing field by creating with a female version of one of their most famous heroes, Spider-Man. The name of this feminized version of Spider-man is Silk, and the way she came into her own super powers may seem familiar, and the reason for that is because it is!

That Was One Very Busy Radioactive Arachnid!

Marvel is deciding that the origin of Silk, and she and Peter Parker may be related on some level barbecue according to the comic book giant, the same spider that bit Peter Parker, and turned him into Spider-Man, was the same little arachnid that built the girl that becomes Silk. However, according to Marvel, Silk has been around just as long as Spider-Man, but has not been in the picture, but that is about to change because the only hint that Marvel is giving is that Peter Parker may have known about Silk all along, but has keeping her assistance as some secret he has kept inside. However, Peter Parker, and his little web-spinning secret, is about to change, and very soon, his female spider-sister may soon be entering his world and making a name for herself.

Spider-Man came into the world of comic books thanks to a spider that was radioactive that bit him on the hand. However, according to Marvel Comics, this little radioactive arachnid also bit a female who will be known as Silk. Where Silk has been for the past half century while Spider-Man has swung through the streets will be revealed when she makes her comic book debut this week in Spider-Man comic.

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